19 delicious ways to have corn this summer


Man holding ear of corn

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Summertime is arguably synonymous with corn. With good reason, too, since this yummy vegetable is in its peak season right now. Corn is also a versatile vegetable, so you can have it in hot dishes or cold dishes, as a side or as the main attraction.

We’ve rounded up 19 delicious ways to add corn to your summer menu.


1. Veggie kebabs with cilantro lime sauce

Corn kebabs

When we think about grilling corn, we picture doing it on the cob, but these kebabs by Fork and Forage give corn a different role than usual and the results look delicious. And don’t worry, you can skip the cilantro sauce.


2. Smoky grilled corn on the cob

Smoky grilled corn on the cob

We like this recipe for grilled corn from Divalicious Dishes that packs a smoky flavor. Hot stuff!


3. Avocado fritters with avocado cilantro cream dipping sauce

Ingredients for avocado fritters

Corn is not the main ingredient in these avocado fritters from A Beautiful Bite, but we love that corn is combined with one of our favorite things in the whole world. Once again, cilantro haters can simply skip the dipping sauce. You don’t really need it.


4. Mexican chopped salad

Bowl of Mexican chopped salad

Mmm, corn is one of the ingredients in this Mexican chopped salad by Cooking Classy. Yeah, yeah, yeah, once again cilantro rears its ugly head, and you can substitute it or leave it out entirely.


5. Summer black bean and corn salad

Black bean and corn salad

Aggie’s Kitchen offers this simple recipe for a refreshing black bean and corn salad that is as perfect for summer as it is filling.


6. Corn tamales

Better known to Salvadorans and fans of their cuisine as tamales de elote, these corn tamales are sweet enough to be enjoyed as dessert. We prefer them for breakfast and will definitely be trying out this recipe by the Cooking Channel’s Devour the Blog.


7. Roasted corn and basil stuffed tomatoes

Corn and basil stuffed tomatoes

What’s better than roasted corn, you ask? Roasted corn with basil stuffed in a tomato, courtesy of Pinch of Yum. And if you haven’t tried stuffed tomatoes, what are you waiting for?


8. Easy baked corn

Baked corn casserole

It’s easy. It’s baked. It’s corn. What’s not to love about this recipe by Chef in Training?


9. Jalapeño popper corn fritters

Jalapeno popper corn fritters

These jalapeño poppers corn fritters, by Closet Cooking, look absolutely decadent. Get in our bellehs.


10. Arepa de choclo con queso

Arepa de choclo with cheese

We have Colombia to thank for the sweet and savory goodness of the arepa de choclo, or corn griddle cake. Check out this recipe by My Colombian Recipes, and be sure to top it with queso fresco. In fact, warm it up a bit so the cheese melts. You’re welcome.