19 seasonal activities to help you burn unwanted holiday calories


Ice skating

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The holidays are here, and you know what that means. No, not jingle bells and sleigh rides, but dinner parties and lots of creamy, calorie-laden eggnog. Between baking cookies, office parties and family meals, packing on the pounds seems inevitable at this time of year. But while a full-on workout may require too much time right now, you can still feel the burn doing your normal holiday tasks. 


Inside the home

From decorating the Christmas tree to cooking up a storm, there are several holiday-related activities you'll be doing this season that'll help you burn calories while you’re at it.

1. Wrapping presents: 48 calories in 30 minutes (via Time)

2. Decorating the tree: 85 calories in 30 minutes (via Time)

3. Cooking: 68 calories in 60 minutes (via Calorie Lab)

4. Making a gingerbread house or other Christmas crafts: 68 calories in 60 minutes  (via Calorie Lab)

5. Bonus: While hanging Christmas lights, make sure you focus on using your core to stabilize yourself while atop a ladder or step stool. You will burn 90 calories in 60 minutes, according to Shape.com.


Outside the home

We dread some errands this year, like getting the groceries in a crowded supermarket. But other acitivites are what this season is made for, including skiing, sledding and ice skating. Check out the calories you can burn outside the house right now.

6. Food shopping with grocery cart: 88 calories in 60 minutes  (via Calorie Lab)

7. Shopping at the mall: 150 calories in 60 minutes (via Good Housekeeping)

8. Mingling at a party (while standing): 127 calories in 60 minutes (via Time)

9. Chopping wood or a Christmas tree: 211 calories in 30 minutes (via MyFitnessPal)

10. Ice skating: burn 511 calories in 60 minutes (via Mayo Clinic)

11. Skiing (downhill): 314 calories in 60 minutes (via Mayo Clinic)

12. Sledding: 121 calories in 15 minutes (via Shape.com)

13. Bonus: Caroling may not really seem like your thing, but not only will you bring smiles to your neighbors’ faces, but walking around the neighborhood and singing burns double the calories — 140 calories in 60 minutes for singing while standing, and add 204 calories in 60 minutes for walking 2 mph (via Livestrong and Mayo Clinic respectively).



Sadly, we do have to do chores during the holidays. With guests coming over, you’ll want your house to sparkle. Make cleaning your workout with this guide for burning calories!

14. Vacuuming: 170 calories in 60 minutes (via Calorie Lab)

15. Sweeping: 156 calories in 60 minutes (via Calorie Lab)

16. Dusting: 102 calories in 60 minutes (via Calorie Lab)

17. Washing dishes: 88 calories in 60 minutes (via Calorie Lab)

18. Mopping: 170 calories in 60 minutes (via Calorie Lab)

19. Doing laundry (while standing): 68 calories in 60 minutes (via Calorie Lab)