1:Face Watch lets you be (and see) the change you want in the world


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Mirza Minds, a product and branding firm in Chicago, has taken fashion and functionality to a new level. Every time someone purchases their 1:Face Watch, a person’s life changes somewhere around the world.

Similar to a Livestrong bracelet, the 1:Face Watch comes in six color choices, each representing a different cause, charity and specific metric. For each watch you purchase, the charity tied to that cause will fulfill that specific metric. Through their website and social media, you can read stories of the change being created with every purchase by everyone buying watches. You can actually see your money get put into action!


  • White represents hunger. Supports One Day’s Wages. One watch purchased feeds 16 children.
  • Yellow represents water. Supports  Charity Water. 625 watches purchased builds one well in Rwanda.
  • Blue represents environment. Supports the Adventure Project. Three watches purchased provides one charcoal stove (to provide people with a safer living condition while preserving the environment).
  • Red represents AIDS. Supports  Keep a Child Alive. Five watches purchased provides one month of treatment to people living with HIV/AIDS.
  • Black represents cancer. Supports the American Cancer Society. One watch purchased gives support for eight cancer patients.


The watch has a simplistic design that fits any outfit. The face is mirrored to remind you that YOU are the change in the world. When a button is pressed, the time is displayed with white intensity LED lights. The battery lasts for about two years, and the watch is waterproof. And it’s only $40!

The watches can be purchased at 1facewatch.com. They will also be making their retail debut in stores this year.