20 things that will probably go through your mind during your first spin class


Your first spin class

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Spinning classes are great, but they are hard work, especially when you first start. Forty-five minutes of high intensity, calorie-blasting, sweat spilling cardio will test your endurance and commitment to working hard. Sometimes the only way to get through it is to put your head down and let your brain run wild.

Here are 20 thoughts that may go through your mind during your first spin class:

  1. Why’s it already so hot in here?
  2. Did I put deodorant on this morning?!
  3. How can one bike be adjusted so many different ways?
  4. Whoa, this instructor is crazy ripped…that could be me!
  5. How has it only been five minutes?!
  6. Stand up? When I’m going this fast? Argh!
  7. What song is this?
  8. Why’s the instructor not on the bike?
  9. Ah, finally! A break!
  10. I am sweat.
  11. I wasn't told push-ups would be involved.
  12. Maybe if I just wave my hand over the resistance it will look like I’m increasing it.
  13. Okay, that girl is going FULL OUT.
  14. Sweet, sweet water I love you.
  15. I love you, too, sweat towel.
  16. Wait, we’re done already?
  17. I survived!!!
  18. And I feel pretty great…
  19. Wow, I burned a lot of calories!
  20. Same time next week?


Spin classes are tough indeed, but the satisfaction you feel when it's over makes it well worth the effort. Remember that feeling when you're vacillating on whether you should sign up for another class. And if you’re just starting out, remember that everyone in the room has been where you are.

Endurance takes time to build, so keep at it, have fun and soon enough you’ll notice the results.