21 DIY tricks & recipes for when life hands you all sorts of lemons



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When life hands you lemons, yeah, yeah, we know. Make some lemonade. But what about when life gives you other crappy handouts?

You make something awesome out of them. That's what you do.

Here are some of life's "lemons" and tips on how to save them, including how to use lemons for acne.


1. A mushy avocado

Use it as a spread, add to a smoothie, make a face mask. Or make guacamole. Duh. Just make sure the avocado hasn’t gone bad.


2. A long commute

No one thinks commuting is fun, but if you’re on the train or bus for a decent chunk of time, use it. Try napping, reading, studying or catching up with friends.


3. Collapsed baked goods

Mash them into ice cream!


4. Power outage

We’re sure you can think of something …


5. Limes

Make Limeade!


6. Broken taco shells

Make taco casserole.


7. An old ratty sweater

Repurpose into a scarf.

Or socks.


8. Old jeans

Make a coaster.


9. Broken plates

Use as drainage for pots, or make a new table top or flower pot.

Or turn them into awesome jewelry!



10. Tons of leftover Halloween candy

Start baking. Or just bring it to your office.


11. Stale Peeps

Eat them. They’re better this way. Trust us.