21 gluten-free appetizers to cook for your next dinner party


Heirloom Tomato Avocado Caprese Salad

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Preparing to host a dinner party? And some of your friends are gluten-free? Don't be a glutton for gluten. Impress your guests with these appetizers that are perfect for anyone who can't consume that dreaded protein. And trust us, no one will even miss it once they're chomping down on these delicious noms.


1. Cauliflower Tots

Cauliflower Tots

Forget the traditional Tater Tot, and opt for something a little unique, a lot healthier and totally gluten-free. Props to Mom, What’s For Dinner? for coming up with this delicious app.


2. Southwestern Quinoa Bites with Avocado Dipping Sauce

Southwestern Quinoa Bites Recipe with Avocado Dipping Sauce

Fork and Beans came up with these inventive quinoa bites, complete with our fave: avocado dipping sauce.


3. “Cheesy” Paleo Cracker

“Cheesy” Paleo Cracker

Being gluten-free does not mean you can't indulge in crackers. Try these from Savory Lotus, which are packed with sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and sesame seeds.


4. Grilled Zucchini Rolls with Herbs and Cheese

Grilled Zucchini Rolls with Herbs and Cheese

Forget the pasta and go for some super healthy zucchini in these grilled wonders with goat cheese and basil, courtesy of KitchMe.


5. Peach & Gorgonzola Grilled Polenta Rounds with Chipotle Honey Sauce

Peach and Gorgonzola Grilled Polenta Rounds with Chipotle Honey Sauce

If you're looking for a sweeter app for your guests, try these peach and polenta rounds from Half Baked Harvest.


6. Savory Pumpkin/Flaxseed Onion Crackers

Savory Pumpkin/Flaxseed Onion Crackers

Looking for a cracker with a little personality? Try this pumpkin/flaxseed recipe from Addicted to Veggies.


7. Spinach, Walnut Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto Spread

Spinach, Walnut Sun Dried Tomato Pesto Spread

Sun-dried tomatoes, raw walnuts, spinach, garlic and lemon make this pesto spread from A Simply Raw Life a must for your next gathering.