21 recipes that will make you love coleslaw


Plain coleslaw on a white plate

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Chances are cole slaw is probably one of the few side dishes you push to the edges of your plate and ignore. Perhaps it’s too sweet, or too "mayonnaise-y." And it certainly doesn’t help that it’s often the cause — or bearer of blame — for food poisoning. If you fall into the “yuck, no thanks” camp, consider this: coleslaw need not be too sweet or too slimy. In some cases, it needn’t even have mayo.

Check out these 21 recipes that will make you see coleslaw in a whole new light, and get ready to dig in.


1. Indian slaw

Indian slaw

The Splendid Table serves up this delicious Indian version that includes Serrano chiles, unsweetened coconut shreds, mustard seeds and ground turmeric. It's so gorgeous that it may go from being the side dish you ignore to the one that makes you go back for seconds and thirds.


2. Broccoli slaw salad

Broccoli slaw salad

Just a Pinch makes coleslaw salad and bulks things up with some broccoli, chopped apple and craisins. Nice! 


3. Sweet and tangy coleslaw

Sweet and tangy coleslaw

Skinny Ms. keeps things sweet, but instead of the usual sugar and mayo combo, this recipe uses pure maple syrup, and cuts that sweet with a dose of tangy, thanks to the apple cider vinegar and Dijon mustard. No mayo here.


4. Asian coleslaw

Asian coleslaw

Lil’ Luna's recipe uses coleslaw as a bed for Ramen noodles, cooked chicken, soy sauce, as well as other ingredients, which together make up this intriguing Asian-inspired side.


5. Citrus cilantro slaw

Citrus cilantro slaw

Real House Moms' recipe will score big among cilantro lovers. Rather than slather everything in mayo, this recipe uses olive oil, fresh lime juice and freshly squeezed orange juice. Yum!


6. Whole food coleslaw (with secret ingredient)

Whole food coleslaw (with secret ingredient)

Fieldstone Hill Design's recipe uses honey instead of sugar and yogurt instead of mayo. The not-so-secret, but brilliant, ingredient? Grated Swiss cheese. Holy moly, yes, please.


7. Hawaiian coleslaw

Hawaiian coleslaw

Juanita’s Cocina uses crushed pineapple for this Hawaiian-inspired coleslaw that needs no sugar or mayo to make it yummy (or ruin it, depending on where you stand on the sugar and mayo matter).


8. California coleslaw

California coleslaw

From Valerie’s Kitchen's recipe does use sugar and mayo, but cuts the sweetness with cider vinegar and sour cream for delicious results. Bonus? Green and red bell peppers. 


9. Broccoli, kale and Brussels sprouts slaw

Broccoli, kale and Brussels sprouts slaw

Renee’s Kitchen Adventures adds sliced Brussels sprouts to a broccoli coleslaw mix, throws in some dried cranberries and pumpkin seeds and, intead of mayo, uses light poppyseed dressing. Are you drooling yet? We are.


10. Asian-inspired coleslaw

Asian-inspired coleslaw

A Cup of Jo's featured recipe for Asian-inspired coleslaw combines all the yummy ingredients, including Thai basil leaves, sriracha, silken tofu, jalapeno, miso paste, soy sauce, rice vinegars and Persian cucumbers.

11. Easy sweet and spicy Mexican coleslaw

Easy sweet and spicy Mexican coleslaw

It's all in the dressing in Virtually Homemade's Mexican-inspired coleslaw. Among the ingredients are hot sauce (of course), lime juice, white wine vinegar and cumin. Get out, mayo. We don't need you here. 


12. German coleslaw

German coleslaw

The Kitchen Project features this recipe for German-inspired coleslaw, which like the Mexican-inspired slaw, depends on the dressing to give it its umph! factor. In this case, the dressing is made with cider vinegar, olive oil, black pepper and dill weed. Sugar is optional.


13. Grilled corn slaw with tangy lime dressing

Grilled corn slaw with tangy lime dressing

My Invisible Crown grills some corn, adds it to some coleslaw and coats it all with a tangy lime dressing made not only with lime juice but also with lime zest for results that are mouthwateringly delightful.


14. Tangy vegan coleslaw

Tangy vegan coleslaw

The Fitchen remembers our vegan friends with this recipe for coleslaw, which uses vegannaise, mustard, raw agave or honey, apple cider vinegar and fresh dill.


15. Warm coleslaw with chili-lime dressing

Warm coleslaw with chili-lime dressing

If you need to keep things gluten-free, never fear. Gluten-Free Goddess's recipe is the one you seek. And this one is especially intriguing because it's served warm, and if that weren't enough, well, it had us at chili-lime dressing.

16. Healthy coleslaw

Healthy coleslaw

Real Food Real Deals keeps things refreshingly simple and shows how by sticking to the basic ingredients and drizzling them olive oil, rice vinegar, salt and pepper and a bit of honey still makes for some tasty and crispy results.


17. Angel hair coleslaw

Angel hair coleslaw

Self-Proclaimed Foodie combines apple cider vinegar and milk, which makes buttermilk and therefore an extra creamy dressing for this coleslaw.


18. Apple coleslaw

Apple coleslaw

Kitch Me uses two different types of apple for this coleslaw, and brown sugar instead of regular sugar. Is this slaw or pie? Either way, we want some more!


19. Colorful Coleslaw

Colorful Coleslaw

Mrs. Cridle’s Kitchen makes some colorful coleslaw because we need to give red cabbage some love. The recipe adds hot sauce, mayo and some spices but tries to avoid sugar. Of course, if you want to add sugar, by all means do so.


20. Paleo coleslaw

Paleo coleslaw

Mom Gone Paleo's recipe gets the Paleo seal of approval. You'll have to make some Paleo mayo to combine it with the apple cider vinegar and other ingredients.


21. Southwestern slaw

Southwestern slaw

Aggie’s Kitchen brings it with this Southwestern coleslaw, which is made with — what else? — corn and chipotle. It's as colorful as it is delicious.