25 best exercise & fitness blogs of 2012


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Fitness is such a personal experience — it has its highs and lows, blood, sweat and tears. That should explain why there are so many blogs on the subject. We found what we thought was the best in fitness blogging for 2012. We looked for engaging personal fitness journeys with a unique perspective, as well as the ones chockfull of information and ideas. Poke around the list, and you may find yourself becoming a loyal follower to many, if not all, of the blogs below. Enjoy!



Jack is keepin' it fit (Jack Sh*t)

1. Jack Sh*t, Gettin’ Fit

Put a little laughter into your diet with this blog by a guy named Jack who promises to give you “a heaping helping of health and hilarity.” Through photos, videos, song lyrics and snarky poetry about the battle of weight loss, Jack Sh*t reminds us to stop taking ourselves too seriously and stay positive, even when you fall off the fitness wagon. He is one of our most beloved fitness bloggers!


2. No Meat Athlete

Switching to vegetarianism when you’re an endurance athlete can be tough. No Meat Athlete, founded in 2009 by Matt Frazier, can help. You’ll learn how to make the plant-based lifestyle switch with great, easy-to-follow recipes and how-to articles on fueling correctly for your next workout.



Meghann Anderson (Meals & Miles)

3. Meals and Miles

Written by Meghann Anderson, Meals and Miles chronicles the life of a college graduate who traded her active lifestyle for a desk job. She discusses how she balances her health and fitness goals while working in an office 9 to 5. Meghann claims she’s not an expert, but her blog posts are very insightful!