The 25 best health-and-wellness blogs of 2013


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The Internet is a blessing and a curse — it is simultaneously a font of information and misinformation. It’s made it all too easy for people, even those with the best of intentions, to set up shop and dole out advice to those who are willing to offer their clicks and shares.

We’ve compiled a list of health-and-wellness, and even sciencey, blogs that offered well-researched, useful information in 2013, rather than dish out advice based on anecdotal “evidence.”


1. Well

This New York Times blog explores everything from doctors who Google their patients to the effect of either being heavy or lean on how you view exercise.


2. Sifting the Evidence

In the most recent post, Suzi Gage explores how headlines about aspirin are misrepresenting the evidence available and possibly putting people at risk. Hosted by the Guardian, this blog aims to take a close and careful look at the science behind health-related claims.


3. Bad Science

While many science fans get sucked in by “rockstar” Brian Cox, Ben Goldacre seems to slip under the radar. Not that he doesn’t get noticed. We certainly noticed; we just think he’s unjustly underrated. According to his bio, he “unpicks dodgy scientific claims made by scaremongering journalists, dubious government reports, pharmaceutical corporations, PR companies and quacks.” How could we not love him?


4. Weil

Dr. Andrew Weil has been touting preventive medicine for many years now. You can find some of his articles in such magazines as Prevention, but if you want more, be sure to check out his blog, where he discusses everything from how exercising good oral hygiene can keep your ticker healthy and the benefits of such herbs as — are you sitting? — cilantro.


5. Julie’s Health Club

This blog hosted by Julie Deardorff on the Chicago Tribune’s website examines alternative and mainstream health.


6. Science-Based Medicine

Science-Based Medicine is where you go to read about medical treatments if you want a scientific perspective. The contributors are tired of the hype generated by sensationalist headlines and sloppy scientific reporting and opt to evaluate information and disseminate it ethically.


7. I’m Joe the Peacock

Be it about the pain of divorce, betrayal and starting life from scratch or his quest for health and fitness via the Paleo diet and Crossfit, Joe Peacock's candid blog offers everyone a little bit of everything, especially the motivation to keep clawing forward.


8. The Poison Review

According to the blog’s medical editor, Leon Gussow, this critical update and evaluation of recent scientific literature, news stories and cultural events related to the field of medical toxicology aims to capture some of the variety, fun and scientific rigor of regular toxicology teaching rounds in Chicago. Well, that’s certainly our type of our poison.  


9. Medicinal Nutrition

Jennifer Leigh started this wellness blog after decades of suffering from hypothyroidism and all the ailments that come with it: stubborn weight gain, dulling dry skin, constipation, painful periods, emotional PMS and low energy. She aims to show how to keep those hormones balanced with herbs and smart food choices.


10. Food Politics

The most recent post in Marion Nestle’s blog tackles a new anti-sugar campaign launched by public health experts based mainly in Britain.

11. Back at Square Zero

In a quest to lose weight healthily, Abby blogs about running marathons and recipes. Her weight still fluctuates, and she keeps it real makes the entire quest accessible to those of us who aren’t athletes but haven’t lose hope about getting in shape.


12. Krulwich Wonders

Delightfully called an NPR sciencey blog, this is what you read if you want to know about a place where raisins swell into grapes or are wondering how a rainforest gets started.


13. Shots

This is NPR’s health blog. A recent post addresses doctors’ bedside manners and offers tips on how docs can connect better with their patients.


14. TED blog

TED talks have been getting a bit of a beating lately, most notably for dumbing down the future rather than raising “the level of general understanding to the level of complexity of the systems in which we are embedded and which are embedded in us,” according to recent TED speaker Benjamin Bratton, associate professor of visual arts at the University of California, San Diego.

Still, we enjoy taking a look at the TED blog, because if anything, it’s good at starting a dialogue, it gets us thinking and more importantly, it gets us to ask questions and put those old critical-thinking skills to use.


15. Skin Care by Dr. Cynthia Bailey

Dr. Bailey started this blog so she could provide answers to questions many might feel too embarrassed to ask. She is still blogging despite having undergone surgery for breast cancer. 


16. Health Blog (WSJ)

You may not necessarily think to check the Wall Street Journal for solid health blogs but you'd be missing out on some awesome Reddit AMAs (Ask Me Anything) and tips on how to nap better. Better my naptime? Yes, please. Sign me up.


17. The SparkPeople Blog

Want tips on how to stay healthy in the new year? Want to read about one DailySpark blogger finally kicked her smoking habit? Then this is the blog for you. Get inspired.


18. Bliss Tree (now Gloss Health)

This blog has everything from medicine inspired jewelry and beauty tips to discussions about body shaming and how to make the perfect hot toddy. Mmm, hot toddy.


19. Superbug

Superbug is an awesome blog about everything from public health to food policies by journalist Maryn McKenna. Hosted on Wired, recent blog posts explore topics such as drug-resistant bacteria in chickens and examine whether imposing antibiotics fees will help curb misuse and overuse. Be sure to bookmark this one.


20. The Network Central

This Scientific American blog covers such health-related topics as hypoglycemia, environmental posts about greenhouse-gas emissions and posts about the animal kingdom with an emphasis on endangered species.


21. Mashable Lifestyle

Perhaps Mashable is better known for social media and tech-related material, but don’t forget to check out that Lifestyle tab. Read about everything from the elephant shark genome’s potential effect on human health on and why it’s OK to tweet about cancer.


22. In the Spotlight

This is your chance to use WebMD for more than just typing in symptoms and self-diagnosing because you’re channeling your inner "House." Doctors offer their perspective on supplements, chronic diseases, concussions and, yes, of course, sticking to those New Year resolutions.


23. Health & Family

Time's health blog's most recent post examines whether winter can really make us sick and why we, perhaps, should not immediately dismiss seasonal affective disorder.


24. Shorelines

Shorelines is the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center's blog. Check out blue crabs in 3-D or wintering wood frogs that freeze solid or the effect climate change has on our environment.


25. Food Matters

Scientific American's recently launched food blog is where to go to read about GMOs, food allergies and food addiction. Go on and welcome science at your table.