25 food blogs to keep watching in 2015


25 food blogs

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The only thing we love more than good food is sharing good food recipes with you. We wouldn’t be able to do that without all the wonderful food blogs out there. Here are 25 of our favorites listed in no particular order. Most of them are geared toward omnivores, but still have plenty of delicious veggie recipes to keep you healthy in 2015. So bookmark these babies as you begin to tackle your list of resolutions — we sure will!


1. Gimme Some Oven

Source: Gimme Some Oven 

Sporting a new look this year is Gimme Some Oven, which continued to give us some mouthwatering recipes, such as that rum cake.


2. Skinnytaste

Source: Skinnytaste 

What’s not to love about a blog dedicated to developing skinny versions of our favorite decadent recipes? Enjoy the dishes you love without blowing your diet, expanding your waistline or feeling guilty afterward.


3. Smarty Had a Party  

Source: Smarty Had a Party 

It’s not all about food. Sometimes we’re looking to bend an elbow with some delicious libations, and we found that — and more — at Smarty Had a Party. We’re looking forward to what the Smarty Blog has to offer in the New Year!


4. Simply Recipes

Source: Simply Recipes 

Whether it's prime rib, asparagus soufflé or the perfect cheesecake, Simply Recipes always shines. It was love at first bite.


5. Boulder Locavore

Source: Boulder Locavore 

Whether it's food or drink, seasonal recipes, starters, main courses, vegetarian or even gluten-free, Boulder Locavore has something for everybody.


6. Blue Apron

Source: Blue Apron 

Blue Apron shares mouthwatering recipes that you make on your own with your own ingredients. You can also sign up to receive recipes plus the farm-fresh ingredients you need to whip up anything from beef, fish and fowl to vegetarian options.


7. Mindy's Meals on Heels

Source: Mindy's Meals on Heels 

Whether it's winter salads, healthy granola bars or delectable holiday goodies, Mindy's always got something delicious to serve up.


8. Cookin' Canuck

Source: Cookin' Canuck 

Representing Canada (and how!), the Cookin' Canuck has been sharing easy, innovative and healthy recipes with readers since April 2009.


9. Pinch of Yum

Source: Pinch of Yum 

This fantastic blog has something delicious for omnivores, vegans and vegetarians. But it takes a special kind of magic to get people (even omnivores) excited about tofu. Take a look at that photo and tell us you don't want to dive right in.


10. The Roasted Root

Source: The Roasted Root 

We love any blog that proves vegetables don't have to be boring. There are also plenty of Paleo and gluten-free choices, so noms away.


11. Closet Cooking

Source: Closet Cooking 

What's not to love about a blog that was born from a desire to spice things up despite having a closet-size kitchen? And just look at the delicious results.


12. ifoodreal

Source: ifoodreal 

You'll find plenty of delicious meat-friendly dishes, but we can't resist a blog that is so good at preparing vegetables, even omnivores will salivate at the sight of them.


13. Oh My Veggies

Source: Oh My Veggies 

Meat-eaters, do not scroll past this vegetarian food blog. You'll find plenty of mouthwatering recipes whether you want to prepare side dishes, appetizers, nibbles or what you eat on Meatless Mondays. Don't believe us? Mango Sriracha hummus. BAM.