25 resolutions for your home sweet home


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At the end of each year, it’s customary to make a gazillion New Year’s resolutions. And most likely those resolutions will involve something food-related — I will cook more, I will eat less, I will cut down on sugar, I will lose weight, I will nix the carbs, and so on and so on.

But what if this year we shifted out attention to another vital — yet perhaps overlooked — part of our lives? Our homes.

So for once, let’s leave our stomachs be and give our abodes some much-needed love and attention in 2013.

  1. Always have these six important documents on hand in your home.
  2. Reuse and recycle as often as you can.
  3. Be proficient in fire safety basics.
  4. Clean the places in your home you can’t see.
  5. Get out of bed on time — and only hit snooze once!
  6. Be prepared for emergencies.
  7. Keep your brights bright and your whites white.
  8. Learn the signs of pet obesity, and stay focused on your furry friend’s health.
  9. Keep the home organized or risk losing your mind.
  10. Don’t make excuses when your home needs to be cleaned — unless they’re true.
  11. Do your best to save water whenever possible.
  12. Go all Martha Stewart and make your own cleaning products.
  13. Replace your excruciatingly old toothbrush and medication and kitchen sponge and …
  14. Buy products made in the USA.
  15. Attempt DIY projects — you have all those pin boards for a reason.
  16. Test your smoke detectors and replace them if need be.
  17. Don’t let the urban jungle in which you live keep you from growing your own garden.
  18. Grow your own ingredients as often as possible.
  19. Blast mold before it overtakes your home.
  20. Clean and dust your home before it gets to that embarrassing point. Your health will thank you for it — plus, you’ll get a good workout out of it.
  21. Keep your pets safe from holiday decorations, harmful plants and dangerous human foods.
  22. Save energy — and money — by turning off the lights when you leave a room, watching less TV, using energy-efficient bulbs and so on.
  23. Keep your home pest-free.
  24. Be bold and try to fix your home maintenance problems on your own. Unless you’re a DIY dummy — in which case, go ahead and call a pro.
  25. Treat your home with respect; see above.