25 things moms would rather do than spend time with their kids on Mother’s Day


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Ah, Mother's Day. That one day a year when moms around the country wake up bright and early to their beloved, behaved children serving them breakfast in bed, followed by 12 hours chock full of Mother's Day activities.

Or not.

Because we really know what you moms want on Mother's Day: A Mother's Day without the kids. Amiright?

So kick up your heels, send your kids out the door with your hubby and indulge in the following kid-free activities just for you, mom. You deserve it.


1. Pretend it’s already summer and indulge in some refreshing, fruity cocktails. And no, there will not be any virgin, kid-friendly options available.

2. Pair your dessert with wine. And don’t share.

3. Eat some wings. But don’t let your husband buy the gross, fried, saucy kind he eats with his football buddies. Print out this recipe and send him to the kitchen.

4. Check out your kind of porn: the food variety. Start with these 25 recipe blogs.

5. Get a caffeine buzz without having to use it up on your kids, and make your own delicious iced coffee from home.

6. Spend the day with your dog. And head on over to one of these pet-friendly establishments.

7. Relaaaax. And do some yoga.

8. With your dog.

9. Make your own face mask and use it. In silence.

10. Maybe with a cocktail. Definitely a cocktail.

11. Go big and visit one of these exotic fitness retreats with your girlfriends ...

12. ... Or a trendy over-the-top gym to feel cool again.

13. Get pampered like the queen you are at an eco spa. It's better than wiping butt.

14. Spend some healthy, quality time outdoors with the family dog. He won't nag you.

15. Maybe you can do something more practical, like finally organizing your closet.

16. You could always just find a quiet place to chill out.

17. Spend the day shopping for yourself. Besides, when was the last time you upgraded your wardobe?

18. Stay in bed all day long. When was the last time you did that?

19. Pick up a good book and actually read the whole thing.

20. Enjoy your yard and start planning your garden for the season.

21. Go on a quest to find the Holy Grail of spring vegetables.

22. Check out this list of foods you should eat if you want to get pregnant, and don't eat any of it.

23. Ponder the benefits of drinking dark beer while quaffing a pint or three.

24. Eat as many of these 50 sandwiches from 50 states as you can in 24 hours. Pics or it didn't happen.

25. Or if binge eating your way through a tower of sandwiches is not for you, try one of these delicious pancake recipes. Eat slowly and enjoy the silence.