3 awesome blogs about prenatal exercise written by warrior moms


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From runner’s high to pelvic floors, prenatal exercise comes with rewards and unique challenges. Some athletic mamas are taking to the Internet to share their personal experiences and offer support. While none of these serve as a substitute for a doctor’s advice, they are a great way to gain a better understanding of what it feels like to exercise during pregnancy.

Go, preggo, go!

Michele King Gonzalez, a certified running coach, offers advice to running mothers over at her blog, NYC Running Mama. Michele’s "Running Through Pregnancy" series takes us through her experience as a racing mama-to-be from her first trimester to postpartum, offering suggestions for running safely and comfortably.

She reminds us that hydration is important in the first trimester to accommodate changes in the circulatory system and kidneys and sings the praises of a belly band as she begins to grow in her second trimester. Learn about the races she completed — including a 4-mile run in her 36th week! — as well as her progress as she adjusts to her body.

Barre baby

Mary Helen Bowers of Ballet Beautiful is expecting and sharing the ins and outs of her experience on her website in addition to her usual fitness and nutrition news. She offers glimpses into intimate moments, such as hearing her baby’s heartbeat, as well as practical advice like ideas for how to tackle food cravings while still eating healthy. Don’t miss this great guest post by Citizens Band member and trapeze artist Sarah Sophie Flicker, and keep an eye out for Mary Helen’s upcoming streaming prenatal workout videos!

'Ohm' momma

The Prenatal Yoga Center in New York has an excellent blog written by its director Debra Flashenberg, prenatal yoga teacher, doula and mom. Here, you’ll find videos and yoga poses to alleviate stress and pregnancy annoyances like heartburn, as well as a wealth of information, such as TED talks, how to prepare yourself for labor, and nutrition and milk production.

Happy reading!