3 camping activities that make the great outdoors your gym


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For the avid weightlifter, a week or two of fun-filled camping with friends and family also means a week or two away from their beloved gym. But fear not, for there are ways of working all your major muscle groups by making a gym out of the great outdoors.

1. Rowing

Targets: Back
Calories burned: 600/hr

Most people’s back workouts consist of mimicking the motion of rowing a boat with exercises like bent-over or cable rows. Now you don’t have to simulate rowing a boat, you have the real thing!

Rowing in water not only works your delts and lats as hard as you would in the gym; the water also offers a fluid resistance that you don’t experience when performing rows with weights.

2. Chopping Wood

Targets: Upper body/Core

Calories burned: 400/hr

Anyone can bring prepackaged firewood to a campsite. If you really want an authentic outdoor experience, as well as a great workout for your arms and shoulders, chop your own!

Chopping wood is an intense core workout as well. When you’re finished, the campfire won’t be the only thing that’s burning; your abs and upper body will be too.

3. Mountain Biking/Open Water Cycling

Targets: Legs/Core
Calories burned: 600/hr

Depending on your location the option to mountain bike or open water cycle (in a pedal boat) is a great activity for working your quads and glutes. If you haven’t been on a bike in a while, no matter how many squats you’re accustomed to doing in the gym, you will feel the burn when navigating through Mother Nature’s hilly terrain.