3 Pilates moves to whip your legs and butt into shape


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Soon your legs and butt will be taking center stage as the weather warms up and your outfits get shorter. Need a quick fix? Alisa Wyatt, chief Pilates officer at Pilatesology.com, says you don’t need expensive Pilates equipment to get buns of steel or sculpted legs.

She recommends adding the following three moves to your day — you’ll notice a difference in less than a week.

Kneeling side kicksSideKick

This move blasts everything from the side butt and saddlebag area to the inner thighs.

Kneel on one knee with top hand behind head and hip directly over the knee.

Squeeze your butt and push your hips forward like you’re pressed between two panes of glass in one flat piece.

Lift the top leg up to hip height, and lower it 10 times. Kick it forward and back 10 times. Make five big circles one direction and reverse. Switch legs.

Shoulder bridgeShoulderBridge

The bridge hits the “bikini butt” — that crucial spot where your butt meets your thigh and the entire back of the leg.

Lie on your back, knees bent, feet hip distance apart, long arms. Lift your hips up to make a bridge and squeeze your buns to reach your tailbone toward the back of your knees.

Keep your hips even and lifted, don’t let either hip drop as you slide one leg out straight, reaching as long as you can.

Kick your leg up and reach it out to knee level 10 times. On the last kick, reach the leg all the way to the floor and slide it back home.

Side leg circlesSideleg

The Pilates side kicks series balances all of the small muscles that hold the hip in place. Aesthetically, this means all of the muscles get strong while fully stretched out, resulting in the appearance of longer, leaner legs.

Lie on one side with both legs in front of your body at a 45-degree angle, hips stacked. Lift your top leg up and put your hand on your outer thigh. Squeeze that saddlebag area and slowly tap your toe in front and back of your bottom foot 10 times.

Lean your top hip forward and lift your top leg slightly up and behind you. Make 10 small circles, brushing your heels together like you’re striking a match. Reverse.

Stack your hips again and make 10 big, slow circles one direction. Reverse and repeat with the other leg.


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