3 simple ways to lower your bills in the winter



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Now’s about a good time to discuss ways to cut down on everyday expenses that come with staying warm during the chilly months. One of the best ways to do this during the winter is cutting down on the heating bill. Here are three easy ways to put some money back into your pocket.


Watch the thermostat

Keeping an eye on the thermostat during the winter, and keeping it low when leaving the house, is one of the most effective ways to save money on heating bills. Setting a daily reminder to turn down the heat to say, 60 degrees, while on campus can help out a lot. It will prevent high heating bills while also making sure you don’t come home to an icebox.

If you come home at a regular time during the week, and you have a thermostat with a timer, simply schedule the heat to turn on about 30 to 45 minutes prior to coming home. Try and keep the temp to 68 degrees, and not the traditional 72. The difference between 68 and 72 degrees is quite significant, when it comes to cost, and if it’s 30 degrees outside, you won’t feel the difference, except in your wallet.


Try thermal blinds

Even with older windows that might not be optimized for insulation; the use of thermal blinds can greatly reduce the amount of cold air that comes in through windows — this is also knows as a ‘heat sink.’ Heat escaping through tiny cracks in the window frame can’t really be seen until the heating bill comes in. We like to refer to it as a ‘the wallet sink’.

Thermal blinds come in a wide variety of different materials, each one more suitable for a certain part of the country than another. And of course they come in just about every color imaginable, so home decor won’t be an issue.


Turn down the water heater

In many homes the hot water heater tends to be around 140 degrees, but during the winter it works overtime against the colder temperatures around it. Turning the temperature down can go a long way in cutting back on the electricity bill. Using this method will help cut back on bills without any noticeable difference during a shower. If it is 65 degrees in the house, and the water is at 110, it’s going to feel hot regardless.

You can also do a little online shopping to upgrade your heating element for the water heater, making it easier to manage your water-heating costs.


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