3 spots spiders love — that you aren’t cleaning


Spider web

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Good news! You aren’t going to swallow eight spiders a year in your sleep. According to Scientific American, that old wives’ tale isn’t true. Whew!

Now for the bad news: Almost every family in the U.S. is sharing their home with at least three spider species. And while they’re not crawling into your mouth, they are spinning their webs and laying their eggs in your closets, bathrooms, kitchen and garage.

You probably check your firewood and basement corners for spiders, but there may be some less-common spots you’re missing.

Warning: Spiders rarely bite humans, but it can happen. So, be careful when you check these spots. If you feel a stinging sensation, see a red mark or have localized swelling, you may have a spider bite. Get help immediately!

Here are three common arachnid-infested spots and how they seem to spiders:


1. Your faucet inlets = Arachnid beach home

Next time you look under your sink, look up. See the crevices around faucet inlets? Spiders love to hide their webs in those rarely cleaned crevices. In fact, a BrightNest user recently shared this story with us:

“I installed a new faucet yesterday and was appalled to see webs hiding up there! Who knew? Sneaky little buggers."

Spiders like the damp, coolness of your faucet, but they love that you rarely clean that area. Prove them wrong and give this area a scrub.


2. Around your trash cans = Quiet, suburban spider ‘hood

Many spiders (like the infamous Brown Recluse) are super shy, and love living in dark, quiet, warm spots. You may not even know they’re in your home until eggs have been laid and they’ve nestled in.

So, look at that trash can that you haven’t moved in months. And that spare tire in your garage. And your organization bins in the basement. For spiders, those places are great, safe spots to live. To prevent this from becoming a problem, clean under rarely moved items once a month or so.


3. Inside unused shoes = Big-city studio apartment

During the summer, where do you store your boots? And do you have a pair of sneakers that hasn’t been out of your closet in six months? To spiders, these rarely worn shoes are awesome spots to hunker down and build a home.

While we don’t think it’s necessary to give every pair of shoes a deep clean, make sure to check them out before you slip your foot into a pair that hasn’t been worn in awhile! 


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