31 creative & creepy Halloween recipes, plus 10 more


Pumpkin deviled eggs

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It’s too bad most of us are probably too old to trick-or-treat anymore. What's better than getting drunk off sugar, then falling asleep among crinkled candy wrappers on the floor? But just because it's not socially acceptable to ring our neighbors' doorbells begging for candy doesn't mean we can’t indulge in some spooky treats.

That's why we found 40 of the most creative, spine-chilling, mummy — er, yummy — Halloweeniest food on the Web. Some are healthy, some are indulgent, and some are just too disgusting to stomach. But they’re all perfect for Oct. 31.


1. Mummy Pretzels

Mummies never looked so adorable — and delicious. All you need to make these delicious pretzels are white almond bark and candy eyes.


2. Halloween Hot Cocoa

This is super easy, but will delight anyone on a cold Halloween night. Simply buy a food color marker and start creating some ghostly faces on mini marshmallows.


3. DIY Candy Corn Marshmallows

If you're tired of actual candy corn, skip the sugary confections this year and make your candy corn marshmallows.


4. Adam’s Scary Apples

Adam’s Scary Apples

Candy apples get a spooky makeover with red and black food coloring. And for a twist, this recipes calls for cinnamon-flavored oil.


5. Frankenstein Chips & Dip

Step up your guacamole game with this Frankenstein-inspired display. It won't be creepy at all when you start to dig into his mushy, green face.


6. Candy Corn Popsicles

Who says you can't have a frozen treat in October? The top is yogurt, the middle is orange juice, and the bottom layer is pineapple juice.


7. Shrimp Cocktail Brains

Straight from Martha Stewart’s very own blog, shrimp cocktail brains look gross but pack a hearty serving of protein.


8. Guacamoldy Eyeballs

We are not ashamed to admit our obsession with all things avocado a million times over. So let us introduce you to these super clever apps made of egg whites filled with a mix of avocado and creamy taco sauce.


9. Pumpkin Veggie Tray

Easy to make and super healthy, this pumpkin face made entirely of veggies will be a hit at your Halloween party — at least after the cupcakes are all gone.


10. Funny Bones

These adorable, delicious-looking bones use only three ingredients: white chocolate chips, pretzel sticks and marshmallows.