37 creepy cocktails for your awesome Halloween party


Halloween party drinks

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Throwing a Halloween party? The clock is ticking, so get into the (evil) spirit, prepare that sexy costume and check out these 37 creepy cocktails that will ensure your guests have a ghoulishly good time.


1. Walker Blood Sangria

Cravings of a Lunatic 

Cravings of a Lunatic — our new favorite blog — combines a little wine with a little pomegranate juice to concoct this delicious cocktail, inspired by The Walking Dead.


2. Zombie Shooter

Self Proclaimed Foodie 

Haha, get it? Self Proclaimed Foodie mixes booze and a little lime juice to create this fantastic drinkable brain.


3. Raven's Wing Cocktail

Kelli Hall 

Okay, if that last one was a little too much for you, then how about this classy looking drink by Kelli Hall? The wing is completely edible, too! Simply spray a large mint leaf with a black food-coloring spray, drop it in the drink and let it float on the ice.


4. Poison Apple

The Little Epicurean  

The Little Epicurean combined cranberry apple juice, whiskey and sour apple schnapps for a potent potion that tastes sweet.


5. The Witch's Heart

The Flavor Blender 

The Flavor Blender was inspired to create this spooky spirit by the television show Once Upon a Time. Since the show depicts potions and magic spells in swirls of shimmering light and smoke, the Flavor Blender combined purple Viniq, apple-flavored vodka and grenadine. Viniq is shimmery liqueur and if you can't find any, then try making your own.


6. The Sleepy Hollow

Earnest Home Co. 

Earnest Home Co. takes a typical White Russian, lightens up the recipe a bit without sacrificing any of the yummy taste, then melts some whipped cream through the darker body of the drink for that creeptastic foggy effect.


7. Jack-O’-Lantern Cocktail

A Healthy Life for Me 

No pumpkins were used to make this cute concoction by A Healthy Life for Me. Simply use an orange slice and a sliver of lime pith to make the top of your glass look like a Jack-O’-Lantern.


8. Black Widow

The Institute for Alcoholic Experimentation 

The Institute for Alcoholic Experimentation prepared this easy-to-make drink that looks so cool thanks to one of our favorites, Blavod vodka.


9. Clean-Eating Pomegranate Punch

The Gracious Pantry 

If you need a Halloween-themed drink that's alcohol-free, then check out this gorgeous and refreshing recipe by The Gracious Pantry.


10. Sparkling Black Widow

Cooking in Stilettos 

This particular Black Widow cocktail by Cooking in Stilettos is made with fresh blackberries and basil and some tequila.


11. Polyjuice Potion

Cooking in Curls 

Throwing a Harry Potter party for Halloween? Then Cooking in Curls' recipe for Polyjuice Potion is a must.  


12. The Grave Digger

Boulder Locavore 

Even without the skull glass and the plastic skeleton hand crawling out of this drink by Boulder Locavore (one of our favorites), this combination of bourbon, apple and ginger is perfect for your Halloween party.