4 awesome apps to help you eat gluten-free


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More people than ever before are finding out that they have celiac disease. People who have this autoimmune disorder are unable to eat gluten because their bodies can't break it down correctly and it causes an abnormal response that damages the small intestine.

However, with proper eating, those with celiac disease can live healthy lives with few problems. Luckily there are several apps available to help those going gluten-free.


1. ScanAvert

When you’re shopping, it’s not always easy to know if a product is going to be safe for you. Checking the labels thoroughly can take forever. With ScanAvert you can scan the items you pick up at the grocery store, and it will go through its database of more than 300,000 items and tell you whether it's compatible with your diet. This is a great way to make sure that the items you’re getting are safe.

Available on: Android and iPhone

Price: $1.99


2. Gluten Free Registry

Not only can you find products at the grocery store that are gluten-free, but with the Gluten Free Registry, you can also find the full ingredients list for your favorite gluten-free dishes, caterers who offer gluten-free options and the best gluten-free foods at restaurants. There are reviews, options and more for areas all over North America. You can even suggest a business that you know is gluten-free, helping others in your area to find places to eat comfortably.

Available on: Android and iPhone

Price: $1.99


3. Find Me Gluten Free

Whether you’re headed out to a restaurant or you’re looking for a grocery store that offers a variety of gluten-free products, Find Me Gluten Free is a great option. This app allows you to search local restaurants and more with gluten-free menus. You can take a look at the menus, see reviews of the establishments and even look at allergen lists. This is perfect for people with celiac disease, as well as those who have additional allergies that need to be juggled.

Available on: Android and iPhone

Price: Free


4. Allrecipes.com Dinner Spinner

If you recently found out that you have celiac disease or you’re struggling with coming up with new recipes the whole family will love, Allrecipes.com Dinner Spinner is a great way to keep you eating well without making yourself sick. 

You can select dietary filters to ensure that you only get meals that fit within your food restrictions. In addition, you can choose what type of meal you’re looking for. If you want something that has fish and can be cooked in the slow cooker, simply select these and click Spin. Plus, there’s a shopping list and bar code scanner, making this a great app for cooking your own gluten-free meals.

Available on: Android and iPhone

Price: Free; Pro: $2.99


When you have dietary restrictions, life becomes a little more difficult. You have to spend more time at the grocery store, you can’t always find something great to eat at restaurants, and eating at a friend’s house becomes nearly impossible. However, with these apps, life becomes easier again. 


Hailey Robinson is a recent graduate with a degree in journalism. Now that she isn't face first in books, she is trying to travel as much as she can. She writes in her free time between fixing up her new house and teaching people how to live a longer, healthier life.