4 DIY pet beds any furry friend would love


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We don’t know about you, but our beds are one of our favorite places in our homes. Which means we often make the time — and find the money — to make them a comfy refuge on which to lay our weary heads. Now take a look down at your pets’ beds. Not as luxurious, are they? May we recommend tossing those drab puppy and kitty beds and making your own — DIY style?

Here are four options anyone with a do-it-yourself attitude can recreate.


1. The end table bed

This bed, shown here from the DIY Network, reuses an old end table that’s been given a facelift. After removing the door, the inside was lined with fabric, and a matching cushion was created for the bottom.


2. The old dresser bed

This creative pet owner converted an old dresser into a cushy spot for her kitties — complete with a hideaway litter box. The cat “condo,” which was posted on HomeTalk.com, includes places to store toys and treats, producing a veritable one-stop shop for your cats.


3. The pallet bed

Repurposing old shipping pallets seems to be all the rage these days, so why not use one to make a bed for your pet? HGTV.com shows you how and gives some great guidelines — small- to medium-sized dogs should have 12 to 16 inches of space, while larger dogs need 14 to 18 inches.


4. The suitcase bed

A large suitcase is the perfect bed for small- to medium-sized dogs. Creative Etsy shop owner Leeann’s Vintage Decor used billiard balls to create feet for the bed.