4 handy tips to boost your fruit and veggie intake at work


Apple on a computer

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Although nutritional issues and health concerns remain very much in the public spotlight, studies show that Americans still are not eating the recommended daily amounts of fruits and vegetables. Recommended amounts vary depending on a variety of factors, including age, sex and exercise level, but generally adult women should eat one and a half to two cups of fruit per day and two to two and a half cups of veggies per day. Adult men should typically consume two cups of fruit per day and two and a half to three cups of veggies per day.

Since most people spend upwards of 40 hours each week at work, this presents a prime opportunity to eat more fruits and veggies without the lure of that Ruffles bag sitting on top of your fridge at home. Follow our easy tips to eat more produce in front of your computer — and try to avoid the ubiquitous office candy dish, especially in the afternoons when sugar cravings run rampant.


1. Shop near the office

Do you have good intentions of eating more fruit at work, but time and again forget to grab it from the fruit bowl during your early morning rush out the door? You’re not alone, but it's an easy fix. Find a small grocery store, fruit stand or farmers market near your office and stock up on fruit that can be stored at your desk or in the office refrigerator.


2. Buy pre-cut produce

For many on-the-go professionals, slicing and dicing is the last thing you have time to do. Trade in the massive watermelons and bags of whole carrots you used to buy at the grocery store for pre-cut fruits and veggies that are easy to transport and consume. Convenience comes with a price, so be prepared to pay more for this type of produce.


3. Grab and go

When you stop for your morning coffee and bagel on the way to work, your eyes probably glaze right over the array of brightly colored oranges, apples and bananas available at most coffee shops. Next time, add a piece of fruit to your order — your body will thank you for the vitamins and minerals.   


4. Dip it

Celery sticks and grapes are only good for so long before we crave some type of variety. Keep your healthy eating habits fresh by incorporating a dip into your afternoon snacking repertoire — we like hummus with veggies and yogurt with fruit.