4 storage spaces you aren’t utilizing


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It's spring-cleaning time, which often means tossing out a ton of stuff we no longer want. But if you've already trimmed the fat and still can't seem to find enough space, try using some of these storage spots you may have overlooked.

Bed: This one practically goes without saying, but maximize on under-the-bed space with long, slim boxes meant to fit there. If your bed is too low, add bed risers for extra space. A bed skirt will attractively disguise all that storage space.


Coffee table: Many coffee tables have an extra, seemingly useless shelf under the table's surface where out-of-date magazine's and knick knacks accumulate. Instead, add attractive colored or patterned boxes with lids to stow kids' toys, DVDs or other unsightly items you want at arm's reach.


Sofa: If your sofa's got a skirt, what's stopping you from utilizing that empty space underneath? Under-bed boxes will often slide right in, and are the perfect place for storing out-of-season clothing or décor. This is a great option for those in small spaces without attic or basement storage. (And check out our roundup of 11 great sofa finds.)


Nightstand: An open nightstand can turn into an eyesore when you've got lots to keep next to the bed (a book — or three — eyeglasses, tissues, coasters, water glasses, etc.). Add a skirt or oversized table cloth to your nightstand and you'll be able to stow that unwieldy pile of books — or anything else — underneath and out of sight.