4 ways to exercise while traveling on vacation


Vacation tour

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Being on vacation doesn’t mean you have to forsake your workout routine. Whether you’re on the beach, in a cabin or on a cruise ship, there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy your travels and maintain your fitness while you’re at it.


1. Tours can double as cardio and core workouts

Tours involve walking and sightseeing, but they can also involve a lot of calories burned. Take advantage of walking tours in the cities you’re visiting — especially on varied terrain like hilly mountains and steep roads — to get your heart pumping with cardio. Not only that, but by tightening your core while you tour, you’re strengthening your abs and doubling the effects of your workout at once. Walking and riding alone on a tour can burn 140 calories. A core workout can be stronger while trying to balance yourself on a bus tour. Plus, you can build your stamina and strength with the addition of a backpack to carry your gift shop trinkets.


2. Change of view can make your regimen exciting 

Not only are you exploring new places on vacation, but you’re seeing new sights as well. Venture out to a local park or beach and use trees for pull-ups. A stunning view can give you a push for standard squats and core stabilizers like planks. Even while walking around an amusement park, you can do lunges and squats while you wait in lines. A jog on the beach can be more challenging with sand.


3. You can work out in the deep blue sea and not know it 

Water gives resistance with ease. Using the ocean or a pool to get exercise is a fun way to maintain your fitness without feeling like you’re doing a ton of work. An exploratory activity like snorkeling can burn 350 calories per hour. Swimming can take that count up higher. Double the cardio workout by tightening your core to help propel you forward as you walk or swim in the pool. Your water workout doesn’t have to be limited to swimming either: You can use a sturdy handrail or the edge of the pool for makeshift pullups, giving greater resistance as you come out of the water.


4. Your hotel room can become a gym

If you’re in a space that’s not quite conducive to running or water workouts, you can use your hotel room to build up a sweat. Everyday objects can become weights and steps. Use a hard-sided suitcase for cardio steps. Work your glutes with squats. Take advantage of the stability of a firm hotel bed by using it for lower body workouts, like reverse hyperextensions.


With these tips in mind, you can still maintain your figure and continue your fitness regimen while enjoying some rest and relaxation.

Joshua R. D. Martin is a graduate of University of Wisconsin (Go Bucky!) and became passionate about fitness and its life-changing benefits while in graduate school. He then founded the boutique studio chain Orange Shoe Personal Fitness and now helps the world become a fitter place by connecting fitness professionals and clients as head of sales and marketing at Find Your Trainer.