4 ways for frequent fliers to stay active at the airport


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Stuck in the airport often? Long layovers can be the perfect time to catch up on your workout, blow off some steam and unwind — no, really! :

1. The staircase is a great place to get your heart rate up and feel a nice burn in your legs before you're strapped to your seat for a few hours. Using your own body weight, run up the stairs so you can tone your legs and butt. Walk back down and repeat. (Don’t worry about the people staring at you.) Just 15 to 20 minutes will do the trick! For more of a challenge, do these while holding your carry-on with both arms. Remember to watch your form.

According to Livestrong, step on every other step as you run to allow your legs to make a longer, more comfortable stride. Land and push off with the front half of your foot instead of your heel for more power and control. Get the whole body involved as you run. Keep your shoulders relaxed, swing your arms and press off each step with your thighs. Keep your knees behind your toes when you run down the stairs to avoid absorbing the shock in your knees.

2. Use your carry-on bags as weights. Base your workouts around the size of your bag:

  • Bicep curls and tricep extensions using your small vanity case or backpack;
  • Wide-row with a duffel bag. (Start with your bag on floor. In the squatting position, lift it with both hands up to your waist and slowly bring it back down to ground);
  • Two-arm kettlebell swing using your upright suitcase.


3. Never underestimate the power of a walk! Crank up your MP3 player and lap around the perimeter of the airport. (You can probably log a few miles in one lap.) Use your favorite app or pedometer to log miles walked and calories burned.

4. Muscles sore from yesterday's workout? Get a massage — there are massage stations at virtually every airport! Check out our story “Muscle recovery never felt so good” in which we explain how a mere 10 minutes of massage can help reduce inflammation of the muscle — not to mention it will calm you down before your flight (if it ever arrives!).