4 ways to get your daily dose of vitamin D in the winter


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The sunshine vitamin, otherwise known as vitamin D, helps our bones stay strong and healthy! And it’s something we need to have daily in order to maintain a healthy body. But this can be tricky, especially as we creep further and further into the cold winter months known for their lack of our favorite star: the sun.

Without our daily dose of D from the sun, it’s up to us to gather some extra bone strength from additional sources. If you’re feeling a lack of sunshine, try these tips and tricks to do some double time with your vitamin D!


Go fish

Try including extra servings of fatty fish like salmon, tuna and mackerel. They are one of the best food sources for vitamin D.


Eat mushrooms, cereals & dairy with vitamin D

Other food sources that add some vitamin D are mushrooms, cheese and egg yolks. If you’re not into these foods, check out the fortified version of milk, or vitamin-D-added products, such as cereals or yogurts.


Winter walks

Although a winter walk won’t get you as much sunshine as spending time outside during the summer, it’s still important to get outside during the sunny hours! To make the most of it, try to keep as much skin showing as you can while still staying comfortable, and head out when the sun is highest in the sky.


Consider a supplement

Don’t be afraid to try a vitamin D supplement to help keep you on track. It usually doesn’t take much — once or twice a week of additional treatments or supplements should easily get your D levels up to par. Consult a pharmacist or your physician before adding any regular supplements.