49 BBQ ideas and recipes for your Fourth of July


49 BBQ ideas and recipes

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49 BBQ ideas and recipes

It's really not July 4 without a backyard barbecue. Amiright? But if you're thinking of just throwing some hamburgers and hot dogs on the barbie, have we got news for you. There are so many creative foods you can grill, including fish, veggies and even fruit.

So before you uncover the grill — and start prepping your side dishes — check out our ultimate guide to hosting your best barbecue this Fourth of July.

(And, of course, no barbecue is complete without some beer. We've got one for every state!)


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Grilled peaches

  • Move over, veggies. It's fruit's turn on the grill. Here are eight, including bananas and mango, to throw on your barbecue ASAP.

  • Ever tried grilling up some lettuce? How about an oyster? Add some interesting flavors to your July 4 barbecue with these seven foods you never thought to add to the grill.

  • You love planking. So do we. But not that kind of plank. Get up off your elbows and try using grill planks this year.

  • You know you want some wine on July 4, but which ones go best with your barbecue fair? Here's the ultimate guide to pairing your vino with your BBQ food.

  • Nothing says a summer barbecue like barbecue sauce. No matter where you reside in this great country of ours, there's a sauce for you.