5 awesome appliances you don’t own but need to buy ASAP


Blender with fruit

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Whether you’re out shopping at Bed Bath & Beyond or aimlessly scrolling through QVC late at night, one thing’s for sure — there's no shortage of home kitchen appliances. Doughnut makers? Check. Appliances that produce homemade breakfast sandwiches? Yep. Personal pie makers? You know it. Among all the kitchen appliances out there, there are a few you just might want to consider buying.

Here’s a look at the coolest gadgets you need in your kitchen  — especially if you’re into healthful eating.


Philips Airfryer1. Airfryers

We knew it was possible to get your fry on at home with any number of deep fryers. But we didn’t know a healthier alternative exists — the airfryer. This new Phillips appliance circulates hot air to fry up everything from veggies to corn dogs. And best of all, they use little or no oil, significantly cutting your fat and calorie intake when compared with traditional frying methods. Added bonus: The whole appliance is enclosed, resulting in very little mess. (Pictured: Phillips Airfryer)


2. High-powered blenders

No blender has gotten more press in the last few years than the high-powered Vitamix. Although the company has been in business since the early 1920s, it recently hit its stride amidst calls for us to replace the processed and pre-packaged foods in our diets with fresher, healthier fare. The Vitamix, which can blend, pulverize and whip up pretty much anything, retails for a hefty $500. Nonetheless, it’s developed a veritable cult following among customers who revel in their ability to produce smoothies and soups from whatever ingredients they have on hand. (Pictured: Vitamix)

Nesco Snackmaster Pro Food Dehydrator3. Food dehydrators

If you’re big on eating dried fruits or jerky, a food dehydrator might be just the thing to add to this year’s Christmas list. Food dehydrators vary in size and method — some use fans to dry out ingredients, while others rely on convection heating. You can use these appliances to make everything from dried peaches to dried tomatoes to beef jerky, controlling the amount of salt, sugar and spices added along the way. (Pictured: Nesco Snackmaster Pro Food Dehydrator)

4. Hydroponic systems

If you’re really serious about having plentiful access to fresh herbs year-round, consider getting a hydroponic system for your kitchen. Growing herbs directly in water and nutrients eliminates the mess of traditional gardening — an especially great incentive for apartment dwellers. Money to burn? Check out the Urban Cultivator, a stunning system that fits underneath a counter, similar to a dishwasher or wine fridge. (Pictured: Urban Cultivator)

Breville Crispy Crust Pizza Maker

5. Pizza makers

Love pizza but seeking a solution that’s better quality than the frozen stuff and less expensive than getting delivery? Look no further than the home pizza maker. Available from a number of brands, pizza makers let you customize your pie with thin, medium or thick crust, plus whatever healthy toppings you desire. And they often work quickly, producing pies in 15 minutes or less. (Pictured: Breville Crispy Crust Pizza Maker)