5 awesome grilled cheese concepts & soups to pair with them


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The grilled cheese sandwich doesn’t have to be just buttered bread and cheese. Take the classic comfort food to the next level of yum with these five unique sandwich ideas, which we’ve matched with complementary (and equally delicious) soups.


Cheddar cheese and Granny Smith apple slices

While some choose to add tomato to their grilled cheese sandwiches, others opt for a more tart alternative: the Granny Smith apple. Cheddar tends to taste best with the apple slices, but feel free to get creative.

Soup pairing: Midwest Living’s gingered pumpkin soup, a flavorful mix of pumpkin, chicken broth, milk, maple syrup and ginger


The French onion grilled cheese

Using caramelized yellow onions, Gruyere cheese, some beef stock and sherry, BS In The Kitchen has beautifully recreated French onion soup in sandwich form. Because this calls for caramelized onions, this grilled cheese is not for the impatient sandwich maker. Just remember that sandwich making is an art, and it takes time to create a masterpiece. We promise it will be worth it in the end.

Soup pairing: My Lemony Kitchen’s mushroom and barley soup, a hearty, earthy soup made with four different types of ’shrooms


Artichokes, Gruyere and roasted red peppers

Oh how we love artichokes and roasted red peppers together! Throw Gruyere and some sourdough bread into the mix, and you’ve got one ridiculously amazing sammich. No idea how to roast your own red peppers at home? Check out this step-by-step guide (with photos!) on how to roast them over your gas stove.

Soup pairing: Skinnytaste’s roasted red pepper soup — creamy, nutritious and shockingly low-calorie


Avocado, goat cheese, pesto & spinach

If you haven’t tried adding avocado to grilled cheese sandwiches yet, we’re about to change your life. This heavenly sammich from Tastespotting is a perfect use of avocado on a grilled cheese, combining it with goat cheese, homemade herb pesto (recipe included in the sandwich recipe) and spinach.

Soup pairing: Whole Living’s broccoli-spinach soup, which uses tahini to give the soup its buttery flavor and silky texture


Roasted garlic, sun-dried tomato and mozzarella

So easy to make, and we’re about to make it even easier. If you don’t feel like taking the time to roast the head of garlic in the oven, check out the Kitchn’s microwave strategy. Make sure you opt for the dry sun-dried tomatoes as opposed to the ones soaked in olive oil — OR you can use some of the roasted tomatoes you make in the paired soup, below.

Soup pairing: 101 Cookbooks’ roasted tomato soup, a flavorful pureed soup packed with lycopene