5 bedtime yoga routines for a good night’s sleep


yoga in bed

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You’ve powered down your electronic devices and turned off the lights. You’ve had your cup of herbal tea. You’ve even caught the nightly block of your favorite show. Yet, your body doesn’t feel ready for bed. It’s still achy and stressed out from the rigors of the day. You could lie awake and stare at the ceiling, or you could try some calming nighttime yoga. These routines will help you breathe easy and get some serious shut-eye.


8-Minute Workout: Yoga for Better Sleep


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Yogi Edward Vilga’s miracle flow addresses the entire body from head to toe, so you’ll find relief no matter where you tend to get tense or feel worn after a hard day. Legs-up-the-wall Pose is a magical stress-reliever and the perfect way to start off this routine. Seated Spinal Twists not only release a back that’s been hunched over at a desk all day, but also help to alleviate minor stomach discomfort such as bloating, while Goddess Stretch gives tense inner thighs and legs some relief. Child’s Pose helps you stretch your entire body, and the Rock-a-bye Roll eases an achy back. This is an all-levels sequence, so even beginners can get in on the benefits. The excellent instructional video, which is an abbreviated demonstration of the sequence, is accompanied by a printable outlining the times for each pose and also showing how easy it is to practice this sequence in bed.


5-Minute Bedtime Yoga to Bring On the Z’s


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Yogi Chelsea Kruse of Exhale Spa knows exactly what poses will help you get some rest, and she’s put them together in this dreamy routine. This video plays like a greatest hits collection of your basic yoga class, with poses such as Downward Dog, Cat-Cow and the almighty, hip-stretching, emotion-releasing Pigeon. There’s also a great Supported Bridge section, so have a yoga block at the ready. This sequence, while gentle, is best for those with a good understanding of the poses contained throughout, as Kruse goes rather quickly, part of the tradeoff for having such a short bedtime routine. In fact, if you have more than five minutes, you can always pause at certain points of the video and allow your body to sink into the poses a little bit deeper.


5-Minute Before Bed Yoga

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This short sequence, created by yoga blogger Candace Moore, is a happy medium between Vilga’s and Kruse’s flows in terms of content and level of ability. Moore includes asanas such as Pigeon, Supine Spinal Twist and Goddess as well as a wonderful hamstring stretch and forward folds, all of which she has modified to make bed-friendly. You’ll be using pillows for support, so you don’t need special equipment, but you will need a basic knowledge of the moves such as Pigeon in order to get the most out of the flow and perform the exercises safely. Overall this is a great, stress-free sequence that you can do without leaving your bed.


Yoga for Bedtime

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If you’re a big fan of twists and forward bends, you’ll appreciate this flow from yoga mainstay Tara Stiles, which includes variations of your typical twist and forward fold to really get your back, hips and legs loose and limber. Stiles also includes a short meditation, some basic leg stretches and a modified version of Happy Baby, which is great for opening the hips and addressing tension in the thighs. While there’s no video for this routine, Stiles clearly demonstrates each pose in the static images. Someone with yoga experience should be able to follow the directions when paired with accompanying images, but beginners might want to start with a different flow before progressing to this one.


20-Minute Calming and Relaxing Night Time Flow

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You will not believe how tense you were until you get to the point in this video where you perform a side bend and let out a breath you didn’t even know you were holding. Such is the magic of this simple 20-minute flow from yoga instructor Cole Chance. The twist sequences and bends here do a great job of stretching out your lower body, especially oft-ignored areas like your waist. Chance also offers a good amount of helpful instruction without being intrusive. This is a wonderful longer routine for when you really want to spend some time reconnecting with your body and calming down after a stressful day.

Remember to check with your medical professional before beginning these or any other workouts to determine what works best for your body.