5 best ab exercises standing up to build a six-pack


Woman showing off six-pack abs

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It's easy to lose interest in the same run of the mill crunch or situp. If you suffer from back pain, ab workouts that require you to lay on the floor can be intolerable. Luckily, there’s a bunch of ways to tighten your abs without dropping down to the floor.

Ab exercises standing up moves make it easier to control your neck and shoulders, unlike crunches and situps, which are often done with bad form, leading to pulled neck and shoulder muscles. (For tips on how to perform a crunch or situp with perfect form, click here.) Also, it is tempting to swing your arms to get yourself up from a crunch or situp, which takes away from the benefit of the exercise.

We found five stand-up ab moves that you'll love. You may not want to ever do a regular crunch again! Try one set of 20 for each exercise and repeat three times.

Torso twist

The twisting motion of this exercise will fire up your obliques, abdominals and lower back at the same time. Use a medicine ball or hand weights for more resistance.

Side bend

This move targets your side abdominals and lower back. Use between 5-pound and 10-pound hand weights for more of a challenge.

Standing bicycle crunch

Another great twisting workout to engage your obliques.

Slams with medicine ball

While you are engaging your entire body with this explosive exercise, your core benefits the most.




Extended toe touch

This workout will not only improve your mid-section but also your balance.