5 chic, grown-up Halloween decorations



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Costumes, candy, pumpkins, candied apples — it seems this time of year is all about the kiddos. But thankfully adults can enjoy the season, too. More and more Halloween decorations are channeling a sophisticated, yet haunting, vibe that can add a spooky touch to your home without becoming kitschy. Here are a few ideas from around the Web that we love.


1. Festive banner

Boo decoration

A big trend in decorating your mantel is to use a fun banner, so why not try creating your own? This easy DIY post from the blog Staying Close To Home shows you how to make a no-sew Halloween banner using triangle-shaped pieces of fabric. Check out her tips, or use Stitch Witchery, which can be found at fabric or crafts stores.


2. Haunted house

Haunted house

If you’re having a Halloween party, one way to take your decor from crepe paper and balloons to a more chic level is to rethink the “haunted house” theme. PopSugar has some great ideas in their “11 Ways To Make Your House Look Haunted” article. Favorites: spray paint such items as vases, branches and leaves black, and decorate with a bunch of candles.


3. Boo bottles

Halloween bottles

These bottles, which can be used as vases, would look great on a bar cart and hey, it’s recycling, right? Follow the directions from the blog Lombardo Lagniappe and create a fun trio of a pumpkin, ghost and Frankenstein. Place the bottles on black candle pedestals for a fun display.


4. Candy-coated

Candy corn-painted bottles

This tutorial from Brit+Co demonstrates how to easily spray paint bottles for a cool candy corn ombre effect. Embrace the drips for DIY ease and create a vignette complete with real candy corn, pumpkins and orange and yellow fall leaves.


5. Golden gourds

Gold pumpkin

Everyone loves to decorate with pumpkins this time of year — so why not turn your pumpkin game up a notch for a glamorous, shiny addition to your tabletop or fireplace mantel? The Gold Jelly Bean shows you how to make studded pumpkins spray-painted with a gold sheen.