5 different ways to prepare mojo sauce



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A few weeks ago we featured traditional mojo sauce in our dipping sauces roundup. The classic Cuban version has inspired various twists, so here we have featured five that are just as flavorful but also add some color to whatever dish you choose to pair them with. These five recipe show how customizable the traditional recipe is, so feel free to make your own substitutions — and let us know how it goes.


1. Cilantro-Garlic Mojo

Source: The Spiced Life

The Spiced Life’s mojo recipe is only for cilantro lovers. Amplifying the garlicky goodness are the green chili pepper and white wine vinegar. It pairs perfectly with those salt-crusted potatoes. But you hate cilantro, you say? Use parsley instead!


2. Garlic Mojo Dipping Sauce

Source: Good Food Gourmet 

Good Food Gourmet pairs its version of mojo sauce with fried green plantains. The recipe caught our attention because the garlic cloves are first poached in olive oil and then — either with a food processor or a mortar and pestle — ground into a thick paste.


3. Cilantro Mojo Sauce

Source: Mommyhood's Diary 

Mommyhood’s Diary proves that there’s no one way to make even a single version of mojo sauce. Like The Spiced Life’s, this recipe uses cilantro but combines it not only with orange juice but also with apple cider vinegar.


4. Mojo Rojo

Source: Bon Appetit 

Mojo rojo, meaning, of course, red mojo, and how. Bon Appétit whips up this vibrant, gorgeous, flavorful sauce by adding two dried guindilla or New Mexico chili peppers and smoked paprika. The vinegar of choice for this recipe is Sherry vinegar.


5. Chipotle Mojo

Source: Food & Wine 

We couldn’t leave out this recipe featured in Food & Wine  for chipotle mojo, paired here with “Mexico City shrimp.” Chef Rick Bayless roasts garlic in oil and adds chipotle and lime for results that the magazine describes as tangy, spicy and smoky. We’re sold.