5 easy-to-forget design necessities in your home


window treatment

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When you’re redesigning your home, it’s easy to get caught up in the big things. Should you use tile or wood for the floors in the kitchen? What fabrics should you use to reupholster the living room chairs? Do you absolutely need granite countertops in the bathroom?

The big design aspects are certainly important — if you get them wrong this time, you’re looking at another expensive redesign in under five years — but the details of design are just as important at making a room feel  finished. After you’ve made decisions about paint colors and tile size, consider these final touches that make a house a home.


In the light of day, the hues you chose for the walls blend perfectly, and the woods all look the same color. Unfortunately, when the sun sets, it all turns to black or retina-searing white because you forgot the importance of perfectly planned electric lighting.

For most rooms in a house, warm, yellow light is ideal for brightening the area while maintaining a homey feel. Additionally, most people feel more comfortable with mellow lights as opposed to bright LEDs or fluorescents. Try to generate most of your light from table or floor lamps in often used rooms like living or family rooms. Wall lights are best for narrow areas like halls and bathrooms, and bright ceiling lights are ideal for places where light is necessary for activity, like the kitchen.

Window Covering

If you’ve recently done a complete remodel of a room in your house, it wouldn’t be surprising if you added more windows. After all, as we already established, light is a crucial part of making a room feel cheery and comfortable. However, there are times when you don’t need or want all that light in a room, which is why you must remember to pick out window coverings.

There are plenty of varieties of window coverings to choose from, so you will definitely be able to find something that matches the design of the room. The best starting point is to consider how much privacy a room needs; for example, a bathroom’s windows should offer plenty of light without allowing clear views of the people inside, while a bedroom should be convertible and a living room doesn’t necessarily have any privacy requirements. Peruse your local provider of window treatments for ideas and advice, since light levels will vary depending on your location. Window blinds in Houston may be an excellent idea, while draperies would be just fine in San Francisco.

Floor Covering

You spent hours picking the exact right stain for your hardwood floors or planning the pattern for your expensive stone tile work — why would you cover it up? However, rugs are practical and necessary elem

floor coverings

ents of a room without carpeted floors. Here are just a few purposes rugs serve:

  • Outline spaces
  • Keep feet warm
  • Prevent echo
  • Maintain room warmth
  • Sop up puddles

Once you understand the value of a good rug, look into the different sizes and shapes available to you. You want to pick a rug that will fit the furniture arrangement of your space; different rooms have different typical requirements. Then you can use the current materials in your room to determine what fabric and pattern to use on your rug.

Table Decorations

Furniture like end tables and bookshelves are necessary for making a room feel comfortable, but if all those horizontal surfaces are left bare, the room won’t feel lived in. Even on practical surfaces like kitchen or dining tables, there should be some sort of décor to cover the table when they aren’t being used.

Creating centerpieces is actually one of the more fun aspects of room design. Table decorations can change with the season or holiday, so whenever the temperature turns it feels like you’re redecorating all over again.


There are plenty of benefits for decorating with plants. Studies show that plants keep indoor air cleaner to make breathing easier and generally improve many aspects of health, from immune strength to pain tolerance.

Plus, plants are so versatile that you can use them for most of your decorating endeavors. If you need a burst of color, place flowers in a pot or urn on a side table. Alternatively, if your thumb is any color but green, low-maintenance plants like succulents and cacti can still breathe life into a space.