5 easy steps to creating your own fitness blog


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Diaries may be a thing of the past — think Blockbuster videos — as blogs have become the new way to document genius ideas, random thoughts and priceless photographs. If fitness is something you’re passionate about, why not take the leap and start a blog? Below are five steps to entering the blogosphere and becoming successful.


1. Take the leap.

Brainstorm the content you want to showcase and what might interest readers the most. If you’re a personal trainer, perhaps your blog will guide readers on how to effectively lose weight. On the other side of the spectrum, a person who is overweight may captivate readers with his or her fitness journey. Be sure to think up a clever blog title, as well as a domain you feel comfortable working with.


2. Make a move, then blog about it.

Providing excellent content and being consistent is one of the best practices to keep readers following along. Set a goal of how often you can blog, keeping in mind that devoted readers want to see fresh content at least three times a week.


3. Jump on social media opportunities.

Joining the many modes of social media — e.g., Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook — is an excellent opportunity to spread the word about your latest post. Be sure to answer tweets, emails and other opportunities to build relationships with readers.


4. Dive into experimentation.

The bloggers at A Beautiful Mess advise that experimentation is key. Continue to modify and adjust the blog, and feel free to be daring to keep readers intrigued.


5. Be yourself.

Successful blogging means finding your own voice and being yourself. Telling your own fitness story and adding your own personality to your blog is far more entertaining than a false attempt to build readership.