5 empowering fitness routines for women


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As the temperatures start to drop, many women will bring their workouts indoors, which can sometimes be intimidating. We all know fitness classes are safe territory, but what about exercises on the gym floor? In honor of National Women’s Health and Fitness Day on Sept. 26, Sport Chalet provided a list of exercises below to help build strength and confidence.



Kettlebells are a force to be reckoned with. Working out with kettlebells provides maximum strength training and cardio while improving balance and flexibility at the same time. The muscle-sculpting impact of kettlebells is due to the makeup of the kettlebell. Unlike regular dumbbells, the weight is unevenly distributed, which makes your muscles work harder when in motion. So if you’ve seen these kettlebells at the gym out of the corner of your eye, consider throwing in a quick 10-minute, kettlebell-swinging workout during your next gym visit.


Battle ropes

Those ropes lying on the gym floor? They are there for a reason — and it’s you. Battle ropes, which are usually about 25 pounds each, can offer a fun, quick alternative to not only working out your cardio system but also your arms, back, legs and core. To perform the workout, secure the ends of two battle ropes onto something sturdy. Begin to move the ropes in a wave motion and continue for 30 seconds, rest and repeat!


Circuit training

The true boredom buster! And all you need is some open space. Circuit training is a series of high-aerobic exercises using moderate weights or frequent repetitions that occur in short bursts, usually 30 seconds to one minute. The fast-pace, low-rest model elevates the heart rate to burn calories while firming and toning muscles. Examples of circuit training exercises include burpees, dumbbell squats, push-ups, box jumps and crunches.



Nothing is more empowering than strapping on a pair of (pink) boxing gloves and taking your workout to the punching bag. Some gyms supply punching bags (usually for kickboxing classes), so snag one when it’s not being used to throw some punches and release some tension. Boxing is a high-energy activity that burns a lot of calories in a short amount of time.



Rowing machines are gaining serious popularity. As athletes learn the cardio and muscle-building benefits of rowing, more gyms, trainers and fitness classes are adopting rowing workouts. The rowing machine may look like a piece of cake, but it’s a serious cardio workout that strengthens your upper body at the same time. Hop on a machine and row a 5K. You’ll feel a serious burn!