5 genius hidden gift-wrapping stations


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Wrapping presents can be a bit of a pain, but when all your supplies are in one spot, and organized neatly, the chore becomes much simpler. Use these organization ideas to create your own gift-wrapping station and tackle those holiday gifts with cheer!


In the drawer

If you’re lucky enough to have a larger mudroom or craft room in your home, use drawers to store your wrapping supplies, such as the paper itself, gift bags and tissue paper. Then use the top of the desk or counter — depending on what’s available — as your wrapping surface. You can store scissors, pens and tape in pretty basics and mason jars.


Under the bed

Out of sight but easily accessible, storing a long plastic bin under the bed, with smaller bins nestled inside, keeps your ribbons, tape and tissue paper neat and handy.


In a hamper

Easily tucked away in a spare bedroom closet, a hamper laden down with wrapping supplies keeps you organized and is easy to move around. Use over-the-door hooks to hang bags of bows and other supplies off the front, or create pouches for the sides to store notecards and gift tags.


On a shower caddy

Hang a silver shower caddy on a wall in the pantry or office, and you’ll have a great-looking spot to store scissors, notecards and other goodies.


On the back of the door

Most of us have extra space just waiting to be used on the back of a laundry room or linen closet door. Use wire racks to create spaces for all your gift-wrapping tools, from tissue paper to ribbon and gift bags.