5 #healthy #hashtags you should be #following


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There are no shortage of tweets on Twitter. In fact, there are so many tweeters, tweets, twitpics and hashtags, it's hard to know who and what to follow.

Do not get all a'Twitter — because we did the work for you. Here are five hashtags you should follow for healthy advice, awesome recipes and DIY tips.

(Click on the tweets for links to the recommended pages.)



Who doesn't love a good recipe? Luckily, Twitter is FULL of them, and tweeters just love to send out their tweets with a recipe hashtag, so all you aspiring chefs don't have to look very hard. 



A little broad, yes, but searching #health on Twitter gives you an abundance of healthy tips and facts.



If you love to make your own stuff, following #DIY gives you tons of fun do-it-yourself projects, from clothing ideas and decorating tips to home projects and beauty fixes.



You might think following #fitness would be your best bet, but we found that #fittip has a bit more bang for your buck. You'll find quick little nuggets of advice and links to fitness articles.



This hashtag will give you a cornucopia of quick tips — including health, food, home and garden — but we think they're all worth reading.