5 hilarious & relatable Tumblr blogs for dads


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Moms have an infinite amount of cyberspace devoted to them — but what about the dads? In honor of Father's Day this Sunday, we compiled a list of the top five Tumblr blogs devoted to fathers and the joy (also, hell) that they experience daily.


The Pregnant Husband

Sometimes words can't explain what it's like being a father-to-be living with a mother-to-be. And that's when you use animated gifs. The Pregnant Husband uses gifs from TV, movies and random clips around the Web to illustrate the rollercoaster ride that future dads go through when expecting a baby.

Exhibit A:
My 9-month pregnant wife trying to get off the couch. She's like:

Blog creator Jeffrey Bausch became a father in April, but stay tuned, because he's considering creating a new blog called "Daddy Newbie."


Reasons My Son Is Crying

Kids cry. A lot. And because they are kids, their reasons for crying are often ridiculous — even comical, if you're not actually having to listen to their piercing wails and if it's not your own kid. Reasons My Son Is Crying highlights these moments so you can laugh at the fact that a child was actually reduced to tears simply because there was not enough chocolate on her doughnut, she had to hand over her Monopoly money, his sock wouldn't come off or (as pictured below) he hurt his hand punching his brother in the mouth.


Message With A Bottle

One father decided to incorporate the organizational skills he once used at a full-time job into his new stay-at-home-dad role. Those organizational skills involve massive amounts of funny Post-It Notes that remind him what to do and what not to do when raising his kid. All of this note-taking evolved into an entertaining Tumblr dads everywhere can relate to.


Rules For My Unborn Son

As he learns his own lessons, blogger Walker Lamond takes notes to remind himself to pass them on to his son. For example, "Your suit deserves better than loafers" and "For the love of Pete, don't wear cologne to the gym." His blog was so successful that he also published a book, which you can purchase on the site.


Dads Are The Original Hipsters

From the raw denim and plaid shirts to the vintage bikes and facial hair, this Tumblr proves through photos that dads had hipster style long before Brooklyn had Instagram.