5 hot workout classes you should go out and try right now


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Tired of the same old workout routine? Maybe it's about time you mix it up with these five hot classes sure to make your muscles burn.

The Bar Method

A German dancer and founder Burr Leonard developed The Bar Method that combines interval training, isometrics, dance conditioning, and physical therapy into a program that’s being dubbed the “most targeted body-sculpting workout.” Students exclusively use a dance bar and their own bodies to sculpt and elongate muscles, making it an ideal workout for those who don’t like to use weights or extensive equipment.


If “I am woman hear me roar” is your favorite mantra, then BUTI may be just the class for you. Classes are designed to build female empowerment while incorporating yoga, tribal dance and plyometrics into a 60-90 minute workout. Classes are offered in over 15 states, but if you can’t find one in your area — try an online class.

Full Blast Yoga

Full Blast Yoga is a modern approach to yoga, and brings the principles of Vipassana Meditation and urban yoga into a “full blast experience” on the mat. This class is perfect for the yoga adventurist who loves a good inversion sequence, and wants a real challenge.


Looking to do a little soul searching while engaged in an intense workout? Two busy career women developed SoulCycle for those looking to improve both the mind and the body. This indoor cycling class promises thoughtful inspiration and heart-pumping music taught by an elite group of instructors. If the 60-minute whole body workout doesn’t clear your head, the candlelit atmosphere just might.


If you’re someone who burns the most calories dancing the night away at a club rather than an elliptical, WERQ may be the perfect workout. It promises the “freshest and fiercest of fitness choreography,” and was named one of the hottest workouts of 2013. While it’s not necessarily a class for beginners who are looking to get back in shape — those looking to torch calories become “WERQaholics” quickly.