5 ingenious tricks to make the most of your kitchen


Cutting board

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Reprinted from BrightNest.com

No two kitchens are created equal. Some are used every night, while others are only used on special occasions. Some are small. Some have islands. And some kitchens are the pride and joy of the homeowner. All kitchens have one thing in common, though: They have lots of hidden potential.

Take a page out of the pros’ book and try these five tricks. Not only will they make you a better cook (maybe… no promises), some of them will save you money, too.


1. The fridge trick

If your refrigerator’s coils are along the back of the unit, scoot your fridge forward 2 inches. Most people ram their fridge as close to the wall as possible to eke out some extra floor space, but those extra inches aren’t worth it. By giving your refrigerator coils some breathing room, you’ll reduce your fridge’s energy usage by as much as 40%.


2. The pots and pans trick

Place a dryer sheet in the bottom of the pot or pan, fill it with warm water and leave it overnight. Come morning, that apocalyptic magma stuff that was stuck to the bottom will come right off. Just rinse everything with dish soap to remove any remaining residue from the dryer sheet.


3. The stovetop trick

If you get distracted while you’re prepping water for your pasta, it can boil over pretty fast. To avoid that, try this: Place a long wooden spoon across the top of the pot. The spoon will pop the rising water bubbles and absorb some of the heat.


4. The cutting board trick

Even the most accomplished chefs can have an accident if their cutting board goes mobile while they’re chopping. Do your fingers a favor, and use this trick to anchor your board: Wrap a rubber band around each end. That’s it! Your cutting board will stay in place.


5. The freezer trick

The average temperature of a freezer is 0 to 5 degrees Fahrenheit. So while it’s always nice to have ice water in the heat of summer, think about how hard your freezer works to make it. Use this trick to lighten the load: Freeze a few 1-gallon jugs of water and leave them in your freezer. This makes it easier for your freezer to keep a consistently low temperature, which saves energy and increases your fridge’s longevity.


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