5 lazy lawn care tips


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Taking care of your lawn is a huge job. But it doesn’t have to be as complicated as you think. A recent podcast from Consumer Reports, called “The Slacker’s Guide to a Great Lawn,” offered a number of tips for the laziest of homeowners.

1. It’s OK to let your lawn go brown during dry spells. The change in color just means it’s entering a natural state of dormancy to conserve nutrients. Most grasses can survive one month without water.

2. Fertilizing less frequently can save you up to eight hours a year of lawn work. Many lawns can thrive with no more than two applications each year. If you fertilize only once, do it in September with a fall fertilizer.

3. Most domestic grasses can flourish with 50% or more of the blade removed, which means you can let your lawn grow to about 5.5 ins. before mowing; this will save you up to 10 hours annually.

4. It’s OK to leave certain weeds. Dandelions, for example, won’t harm your lawn. And, according to the podcast, their penetrating taproots may improve the soil structure.

5. Mulching, which will save you up to 15 hours of work annually, returns nutrients to the soil, reducing your lawn’s fertilizer needs by about one-third.

The one thing you can’t neglect? A sharp mower blade, which is a must if you don’t want to butcher your lawn.

Click here to listen to the podcast.