5 must-know tips for radiant skin year-round


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Since the beginning of time, there have been few things more sought after than the youthful glow of healthy skin. Just take a look at the claims from countless beauty manufacturers on how their magical product will help you to achieve this goal. All miracle serums aside, here are five simple rules to follow daily that will have you glowing in no time, without spending a fortune on products.

1. Never wash your face in the morning.
In place of washing, simply rinse with lukewarm water and pat dry with a CLEAN towel. Yes, I'm even talking to you “Oily Olivias!" Your skin works hard while you sleep to build up a healthy natural barrier of oils and other secretions (called your acid mantle), which helps protect your skin from the harmful intruders that you encounter during the day, as well as transepidermal water loss, which dehydrates your skin.

2. Always apply a daytime moisturizer and a sunscreen.
I prefer to keep these products separate, as many sunscreens cause my skin to react poorly. Additionally, I like to have a barrier of protection between my skin and the sunscreen. However, many people do just fine with a daytime protector and sunscreen in one, like Eucerine’s Everyday Protection SPF 30 for Sensitive Skin. Be sure to let your protection set for five to 10 minutes before applying any cosmetics.

3. Keep a bottle of rose water (for dry skin) or lavender hydrosol (for sensitive skin) with you to spritz with during the day.
It's a quick and moisture-packed way to freshen up your face. I suggest going with an organic option on this one, as there is no need to bring pesticides into the picture.

4. Always “CTM” before bed. Cleanse, tone and moisturize!
Cleansing is essential to remove the day’s impurities. The pH level of most cleansers is slightly alkaline compared to your skin, however, so toning is essential. Toners, being slightly more acidic, help bring your skin back to its normal pH level of about 5.5. Next, moisturize or treat with a product specific to your skin type before bed, and allow the rich moisturizer to go to work while you snooze the night away. Don't worry if you don’t know your skin type. Check here to find out!

5. Keep it clean.
Be sure to change towels and pillowcases frequently; they tend to harbor bacteria that can help breakouts thrive. Have super-sensitive skin? Try using a fragrance- and dye-free detergent to wash your laundry.

Wishing you all healthy and happy skin!

Jessica is a licensed esthetician, professional makeup artist at Primp NYC and blogger at Jessica Bartley Esthetics. As a lover of skin and all things beauty, she is obsessed with helping people look and feel their best every day.

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