5 quirky cat gadgets for the feline-obsessed


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From toilet-training kits to neon-colored claw caps, there’s a whole weird world of unusual cat products out there meant to make your life and your kitty’s life just a little more enjoyable. Here's hoping someone will film Grumpy Cat playing the iPad Game for Cats. 



This is a serious product, but we dare you not to laugh after watching the below video of a cat peeing into a toilet made for humans. 

CitiKitty uses a disappearing litter-box technique to train cats to use the same commode you do. The training seat fits all toilets and helps cats of all ages, sizes and breeds to make the five-step, 30-day transition from litter box to toilet. After a month of training, you’ll never have to deal with a stinky litter box again. But good luck teaching your furry friend to flush.



Another product promising a litter-free lifestyle, the CatGenie automatically washes, cleans and dries the cat’s “litter,” which is actually litter-like Washable Granules that aren’t disposable. Permanent kitty litter that never gets tossed might sound gross, but the CatGenie system thoroughly washes, scrubs, scours and purifies the Washable Granules and cat area so it’s good as new after the cat does his business. 

The CatGenie hooks up to a cold-water line and flushes like a toilet so cat owners never have to deal with the waste. If you’re worried about scaring the bejeezus out of your feline, it might reassure you to know you have options for activating the cleaning mechanism:

  • Preset it to run automatically up to four times daily;

  • Press the start button whenever you wish; or

  • Set on cat activation.



Soft Paws claw caps

It might look like the result of a crazy cat lady’s attempt at giving her BFF a pedi, but these Soft Paws were created as a solution to cat scratching and an alternative to declawing. Never again live in fear that your furry friend will claw you to death in your sleep — is that just us? — with these safe, nontoxic, neon claw covers invented by veterinarian Dr. Toby Wexler.

According to the company, they’re very comfortable, and most cats aren’t even aware they’re wearing them. One $18.85 package comes with 40 nail caps, two tubes of adhesive, applicator tips and instructions. Applications last approximately four to six weeks.


Cat’s Meow

Keep your kitty entertained with this not-at-all-cruel-seeming toy. The Cat’s Meow is comprised of a mouse-mimicking wand, partially hidden under a nylon cover, that changes speeds and directions unexpectedly, keeping your cat on his feet — and ideally keeping his nails off your furniture and curtains. 

This As Seen On TV product costs $19.99 at GetCatsMeow.com.


iPad Game for Cats

“The first interspecies game on the app store,” the iPad Game for Cats is exactly what its name suggests: an actual iPad app that’s made for your cat’s entertainment.

Just place your iPad on the floor and start the game. With the free download, the cat can chase a laser around the screen. With an in-app purchase, the cat can upgrade from a laser to a mouse. So the human doesn’t miss out on the fun, he or she can control the laser and pointer mouse on an iPhone — and share the cat’s score on Facebook, Twitter and Game Center. Because that’s not at all weird.