5 refreshing cocktails for summer


summer cocktails

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You’re sitting outside, relishing the feeling of the sun on your back and listening to your favorite song. Could this summer moment be any better? Yes, actually, it could. Grab a pitcher and a bag of ice and get mixing! Be prepared for a summer satisfaction boost with these delightfully refreshing cocktails.


Photo: DesignSponge.com

Melon Rumballa
Do you like sangria? We’ll do you one better. This melon rumballa recipe from DesignSponge.com not only offers a delicious drink to sip on but also adds rum-soaked melon balls to the glass for you to enjoy with a toothpick. Making the beverage requires more patience than most, but the flavor created through the genius combination of rum, mint, limes, ginger soda, coconut water and vanilla beans makes it worth it. Plus, have you ever seen a prettier drink? Click here for the recipe.


Photo: Lauren Taylor, LaurenTaylorInspiration.Blogspot.com

Skinny Sangria
While we can’t imagine you turning down the melon rumballa recipe, we totally understand if you’re more of a classic cocktail fan. Add some flavor and reduce some calories and sugar from your usual sangria with this Skinny Sangria from the Lauren Taylor Inspiration blog. Mix white wine with peaches (we love how the blog specifically calls for “local” peaches), raspberries, kiwis, mint and some stevia, and you have a colorful concoction you can share with friends on the porch. Click here for the recipe.


Photo: Fresh365Online.com

Champagne Cocktail With Mint & Lemon Sorbet
Champagne’s versatility doesn’t end with mimosas and bellinis. We’re drooling just reading this recipe from Fresh365Online.com for a champagne cocktail that mixes the bubbly with lemon sorbet, mint and vodka. Sounds dangerously good, doesn’t it? Click here for the recipe.



Photo: NutmegNanny.com

Pomegranate & Lime White Wine Spritzer
Someone please explain why we have never added pomegranate seeds to our drinks before! Thankfully, NutmegNanny.com introduced us to the concept with this pomegranate and lime white wine spritzer. All you need is seltzer water, white wine, pomegranate seeds, a lime and a beautiful day. Click here for the recipe.




Photo: Ben Dearnley, Taste.com.au

Vodka, Guava & Ginger Cocktail
Guava juice has never tasted so good. Taste.com’s vodka, guava & ginger cocktail recipe is one of those creations that leaves us with our jaw on the floor wondering how anyone could have ever thought up such a perfect combo. Vodka, guava juice, ginger ale, lime juice, bitters and mint combine to form a yummy, ice-cold treat you’ll be craving for the rest of the summer. Click here for the recipe.