5 savvy ways to make a room look bigger


Hallway with mirrors

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Harry Houdini could make an entire elephant disappear in front of a hundred people. And that was in the 1920s. So it should be no trouble for you to work some optical illusions on a tiny room and make it look bigger. The best part? These magic tricks won’t mysteriously shrink your wallet.


1. Use mirrors

Adding a few mirrors to a space gives the illusion that your room goes on and on. Hang them up or lean them against a wall.


2. Add light colors

This trick is an easy optical illusion. By filling your room with lightly colored knick-knacks and artwork — or painting dark furniture white — you will make your room look bigger because light colors reflect more light. In contrast, dark colors absorb light, which makes a room look cramped and small.


3. Play with paint

Paint can open up a world of magical possibilities, but only if you know how to use it. For example, a horizontal stripe will make a room look wider than it actually is. If a stripe doesn’t vibe with your decor scheme, paint your crown moldings a lighter color than the rest of the room. Light moldings make walls look like they’re receding, which makes your room look bigger. If you already have light walls, paint your moldings the same color to create an expanding effect.


4. Throw down a light rug

Dark floors draw attention to the size of a room by accentuating the borders. Instead of replacing your entire floor, throw a rug or two down. The light colors will attract people’s eye, and they won’t notice the dark floor (or the skimpy square footage).


5. Create unique combos

Are you convinced that you need a bedside table and a bookshelf in your bedroom? Think again! Furniture takes up precious space and makes rooms look smaller. Take a minute to think outside the box and see what you can combine. We like the idea of stacking your books and letting them double as a side table.


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