5 super clever ways to display your photos


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Showing off your favorite photos can be just as simple as purchasing a nice picture frame, setting it on a console table or bookshelf, and voila, you’re done. But put a little more thought into your display and you’ll create a focal point for your home that doesn’t just share fond memories, but also looks like a work of art.


1. Window display

Etsy.com is a great place to find stylish alternatives for hanging your photographs. These old windows turned into frames from Red Koala come in different shapes, sizes and colors.


2. Walking the plank

Also from Etsy.com, Project Cottage exhibits photos on old wooden planks that come in different shapes, sizes and colors as well. Sold individually or in sets, you can create a whole wall of shabby-chic mounts to display your favorite pics.


3. The Wire

A trendy way to display pictures today is to attach them to pieces of wire with small clothespins (easily found at hobby and crafts stores). An alternative to hanging the wire directly to your wall, though, is to attach pieces to a wooden frame, as shown here by Michelle at Ten June.


4. Clip it

The creative mother at Smile and Wave made a fun inspiration wall using clipboards that could easily exhibit photos, but could also mix in inspirational sayings, interesting prints and even to-do lists.


5. Shuttered

Another artistic mom at A Crafty Mom’s Life repurposed old shutters found at a thrift store into a spot to hang photos. You can use clothespins, as she did, or simply slip the photos in between the slats.