5 super-simple dinner recipes for hectic holiday weeknights


flank steak dinner

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Reprinted from SkinnyMom.com

Between the beautiful lights, the Christmas music and the holiday cheer, it's safe to say the holidays are one of my favorite times of the year.

But while I love most things related to the holiday season, I don’t love the extra stress and busy nights that coincide. Over the years, I have come across some great quick and easy dinners that make the holidays just a little bit more manageable.


1. Dijon pork loin

This Southern Living dish is so simple, it’s only five ingredients. It’s impressive enough, though, that you’ll want to serve it to your visiting holiday guests. They’ll think you spent hours slaving over this holiday dish when instead you had time to sneak in a little extra decorating or shopping.


2. Roasted garlic chicken penne

This recipe takes 30 minutes! That’s it! When I make it, I take the expert suggestion and substitute bell peppers for sun-dried tomatoes. The new Progresso™ Recipe Starters™ make this dish so flavorful and creamy. To cut down on fat or calories, just swap the creamy sauce for a light marinara. 


3. Quick broiled flank steak with quick roasted veggies

My boys are huge broccoli and corn fans. This is the perfect recipe for the holidays when most dinners revolve around other meats. It takes just 40 minutes from start to finish.


4. Salmon and ravioli

This dish is fancy and tastes like it should be served in a five-star restaurant. You can really make it with any type of pasta, but the cheesiness of the ravioli just adds that comfort-food factor that is so prevalent during the holiday season. The sprinkling of the Parmesan cheese brings it all together. While ravioli isn’t a dish we should be eating often, this bit of indulgence mixed with healthy and nutrient-dense salmon is a well-deserved dish.


5. Two-bean soup with kale

I like to substitute mustard greens for kale in this recipe, but any green leafy thing will do. This is a super easy and filling soup that is sure to satisfy you on those busy, chilly holiday nights.


Add these five quick and easy dishes into your holiday recipe box, and I guarantee your family will put you at the top of their thankful list this year!


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