5 things you should have in the kitchen when hosting a holiday



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If you’ve been stuck — or blessed — with the responsibility of hosting Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner this year, well let’s just say we can smell your sweat from here. But preparing one of the biggest meals of the year doesn’t have to get you down in the holiday dumps. Just make sure you’re uber-prepared with these five items to keep in your kitchen arsenal, courtesy of HomeFoodSafety.org.


Two cutting boards

The holidays are full of all different kinds of food, including raw meat and seafood. By arming yourself with an extra cutting board, you can ensure that your meats won’t contaminate your other, ready-to-eat fare.


Food thermometer

Don’t take any chances with your guests’ health. Use a food thermometer to make sure your foods have reached a safe minimum internal temperature.


Shallow containers

Home Food Safety recommends storing leftovers in shallow, covered containers, which will reduce their temperatures faster and help them stay safer for a longer period of time.



When someone tells you, “Don’t worry, my hands are clean,” pass them the soap anyway. Anyone handling food should wash up before and after handling food.


Paper towels

It's not always the greenest choice, but it’s a good idea to stock up on paper towels during the holidays. Sponges and kitchen towels can cross-contaminate surfaces and hands. Instead, use a paper towel and then throw it away.