5 tiny yet powerful fitness tools to help keep you on track


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They say the little things in life are what are important. You may say the same when it comes to fitness. The following tools may be small, but they work in big ways to help improve your performance and your goals.


1. Pedometer

Even when exercise is not on the to-do list, a pedometer reminds you that every step counts toward better health. HellaWella approved: The Fitbit Zip gives the pedometer a 21st-century makeover. It tracks your steps, distance and calories burned. It can also sync those stats to your computer and smartphone. You can earn badges and stay challenged with friends online by comparing stats, sharing progress and cheering each other on. Fitbit.com


2. Body tape measure

This is a great tool for anyone looking to buff up or just tone up. Instead of eyeballing it by flexing your guns in the mirror, use a body tape measure to track your progress. After all, numbers don’t lie! It’s also good for accurately tracking weight loss. Hellawella approved: Did you ever try to measure a body part with regular measuring tape? It’s hard! Sequoia Fitness Orbitape Body Tape Measure allows you to measure any body part easily and with precision. Sequoiafitness.com


3. BMI tester

Body-mass index testing allows you monitor how much fat you are losing. You may be surprised to learn your current exercise routine is not burning enough fat. A BMI tester can help you zero in on a more effective fitness and diet plan. HellaWella approved: We like Omron’s handheld fat-loss monitor. One of the coolest features has to be the option to set it in “normal” or “athlete” mode, making it perfect for anyone. It also stores up to nine different profiles — good for your whole family! Omronwebstore.com


4. Clip-on digital metronome

A metronome is a prefect tool for anyone looking to set their workout to a specific pace or cadence. Usually known for being a musician’s best friend, this little device ticks at regular beats per minute. You’re able to set the beats at different tempos. Anyone who exercises can benefit from a metronome — whether you’re lifting weights or hitting the heavy bag. Cyclists and runners, for example, can practice different pacing to conserve energy. HellaWella approved: Seiko’s little digital metronome clips to your clothing so you can focus on your workout or training, not the device. It goes down to 30 beats per minute, so you can keep a (very) slow pace if needed. Amazon.com


5. Interval training timer

You probably don't have to be reminded how effective interval training is (click here if you do). Monitoring your rest periods and timed intervals makes these short but powerful bursts of exercise even more beneficial. HellaWella approved: Set Starter is easy to use and so small it fits on your thumb! Beeps and vibrations let you know when you need to start and stop your intervals or rest periods. Setstarter.com